Jay Little
My Plans for Presentation Engine Version 5

12/05/2015 17:42:48

The time for a new version of the Presentation Engine is almost upon us. Only this time, the up front visible changes will be rather minimal. No instead my intention for the V5 release (which is not currently in active development, just in the planning stages) will be directed to a large platform technology shift. Of course anybody familiar with this project already knows that the major releases are all about keeping up with the changes in the web dev ecosystem, but as for the rest of you: Consider yourselves informed.

What will be changing? That's where it gets fun. For now the intention is to stick with the ASP.NET platform, but transitioning away from all other Microsoft technologies within the application. That includes Windows Server, SQL Server Compact (which is no longer supported by MS of course) and Entity Framework. Instead the general idea is that we'll move to an ASP.NET application that can be hosted on either Windows or Linux with Linux being our preference, SQLite for the database and Dapper for the data layer. In addition I intend on transitioning all of the interactive user interfaces in the application away from jquery/handlebars to angular. Finally all of the MVC Controllers used for AJAX calls will be transitioned to WebAPI Controllers and the current session based authentication will be transitioned to a token based authentication model.

These goals are still tentative and adjustable however. Development however won't begin until I can design, develop, debug and host an ASP.NET application within a fully native Linux environment. Right now I can do all of those things except debug courtesy of Visual Studio Code and Microsoft's latest cross platform ASP.NET work. It's an exciting time for .NET Developers like myself who thoroughly appreciate .NET but very little else about the Microsoft ecosystem it is a part of.

In any event, ASP.NET debugging on Linux is in the works, so development should begin sooner rather than later. It is going to be an interesting ride to say the least.

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