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11/23/2021 22:12:56

So part two of the LTT Linux Challenge video series just hit and I gotta say: I'm done. After watching Linus slander Linux because of things that are totally out of control of Linux or were the result of his own obvious half-assery, I no longer have any intention of patronizing any of his business ventures.

Let's address the awkward part of this first. My wife and I both have LTT water bottles and I have an LTT Keyboard Pad. Thankfully those are decent products and aren't exactly screaming LTT in terms of branding, so we are going to keep those. The two plushie Linus' dolls in my office though? Ug. Buying those was a bit over the top. Gotta figure out what to do with them... short of burning them in effigy.

11/11/2021 16:25:17

So here we are, living in a world where Linus Tech Tips has released its first Linux challenge video. Of course while it all seemed like good fun to most people, a lot of negative and some positive consequences came out of that video. The purpose of this post is to discuss some of these consequences.

For starters, one of the most prominent developers for Pop! OS, Jeremy Soller, has decided to step back from it and work on other projects at System 76. Well that sucks. He was a valuable resource for Pop! So what happened? The Twitter hate train happened after the release of the video. The reason why is because Linus ran into serious problems with Pop! during his portion of the video. The long and short of it is that he tried to install Steam, but Pop! was currently suffering from a bug in which certain dependencies for that package were missing so it refused to install Steam. The GUI told Linus no.

10/30/2021 14:13:38

So over the last few weeks Linus and Luke over at LTT / FloatPlane have been teasing us with tales of their so-called Linux Challenge. The basic premise being that whichever of them can switch from Windows to Linux on their daily driver home PCs, wins the challenge. Simple enough, right? Well as it turns out, not actually.

From a high level this could've been a good thing. This challenge could've helped to expose the benefits of choosing to be a Linux gamer to a wider audience and effectively helped to propel what is now a niche-gaming platform to another level... perhaps even the mythical "next level". Alas that is not going to be the case here. After watching a significant portion of last night's episode of The WAN Show it has become clear that Linus and to a lessor extent, Luke, went into this challenge with what I can only describe as the "wrong attitude".

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