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The full impact of parenthood doesn't hit you until you multiply the number of your kids by 32 teeth.

09/26/2023 20:15:34

While most of my readers probably think of me as being some kind of massive die hard Linux loving Penguin, the reality is that outside of servers, laptops and desktops I don't use Linux very much. The purpose of today's post is to detail the reasons and the journey of how I have basically become an Apple Fanboi nearly everywhere else.

Let's start with a disclaimer: If you want to email me or send me a message on Mastodon telling me how stupid I am for trusting Apple, well, okay. So be it. While I wholeheartedly agree that trusting any form of proprietary software in this day and age is a foolish choice that will eventually bite everybody in their ass, the flip side is that sometimes you just need convenient tech to rely upon in certain scenarios.

09/15/2023 19:39:55

As some of you undoubtedly have heard Unity, the company behind one of the most prolific game engines of our time called Unity Engine, recently announced some changes to their pricing. On the surface this may sound like quite a big nothing burger if you aren't familiar with the process of how software is made, let me assure you: This announcement is rocking the entire gaming world.

Note: This post is a follow-up to my 2019 post "My Modern Gaming Escape Plan". If you haven't read it or have gasp had the audacity to forget it over the last four years, I strongly advise you to read it (again) first.

08/23/2023 20:30:27

It should come as no surprise to any dedicated reader that my career has left me feeling miserable in more ways than one over the years. I've been spending a lot of time thinking on this subject over the last month hence the lack of content lately. This post is my attempt to finally articulate how I'm feeling about it now and my thoughts on how to move forward.

Note: This post is basically a direct follow up to my post from December, "A Farewell to Arms" and my post from March, "Code Monkey Mid-Life Crisis". If you haven't read them, you should probably go ahead and do so now. Don't worry, they are not particularly long, at least not by my standards ;)

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