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"One thing they don't tell you about doing experimental physics is that sometimes you must work under adverse conditions ... like a state of sheer terror."
 -- W. K. Hartmann

5/3/2020 1:52:36 PM

So as I'm sure you all have heard, America is racing towards opening everything back up. As a resident of South Carolina I am simultaneously relieved that we aren't first in line to jump off the bridge but horrified that we are so close to the front of the line. But it may surprise you to hear that I'm actually a bit sympathetic.

Reopening is an inevitable part of this. Only a moron actually believed that we were going to cower inside of our houses for the rest of our lives in an effort to avoid getting infected. However what most of us seem to be missing is that the purpose of closing everything down was to bolster our infrastructure and services so that we could better manage the inevitable spike that would result. Let's be clear on what that actually means though:

  1. Increase Testing Capacity and Quality

4/17/2020 2:45:37 PM

This last month has been a wild ride. It's been extremely eye opening as well. Needless to say while I'm still processing a lot of this, I have come to the decision that its time to change the nature of this website.

UPDATE 5/3: I have decided to scale back on this after thinking it over for a few weeks. I have restored all Coronavirus content on the website and reactivated my Twitter account. But fuck Facebook and thin-skinned snowflakes (regardless of which side of the aisle they occupy).

I have decided to step back from actively updating this website with new content. I have also taken it upon myself to de-index any previously available Coronavirus related content (though if you have a direct link, it should still work). I have received a lot of negative feedback from both those I keep close and those I dearly love about my opinions on this matter as well as other tangentially related matters (politics in particular). While their negative feedback does not invalidate any of my opinions, it has become clear to me that I cannot continue existing as an honest facsimile of myself online.

4/7/2020 3:42:38 PM

One debate that keeps rearing its ugly head is the one about just how far society should go to combat the Coronavirus. Practically everybody I know is debating this in some form or another and the debates are often full of vitriol and exceptionally strong opinions. So who is right? Who is wrong?

Well as you likely have already guessed, I have an opinion. However you'll probably be surprised by what my opinion actually is especially if you are familiar with my previous posts in which I have repeatedly and consistently championed what I consider to be basic civil liberties for the human race as a whole. While I don't hold all of the rights enumerated in the American Bill of Rights in such high regard that I consider them to be core rights (the right to bear arms in particular), I am a consistent champion of preserving the spirit behind them so long as it suits the best interests of the human race.

But here is the problem: In a pandemic type of situation, championing these rights blindly creates a scenario in which we are putting ourselves at risk along with the rest of the human race. The Coronavirus is rightly being called a pandemic because it overtly threatens our ability to exist as a species. It isn't limited by borders or influenced by some regional geopolitical event. It is a species wide event that has the power to wipe us completely off the map.

4/4/2020 12:08:16 AM

The world outside is dark and gray
Even as the sun fuels spring awakening
A pandemic forced us indoors to consider
Every piece of humanity we have forsaken

3/25/2020 2:44:36 PM

So as I'm sure all of my readers realize, these last few weeks have been deeply depressing for everybody. I miss the days where my biggest concern for the day was what video game I was going to play / stream after I finished work. Now out of both sheer horror and a sense of duty, I've virtually become addicted to keeping up on Coronavirus related developments.

What kinds of information streams am I hooked into? Lots of 'em. For starters I temporarily resurrected my presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Nextdoor just so I could keep up on local events better. Once the Coronavirus crisis passes, I'll leave those platforms once again. Well maybe not Twitter as I really like the handle I managed to snag there this time around. Of course I'm keeping an eye on Reddit and Hacker News as well. In addition to that, I usually have browser tabs open to The Drudge Report and HuffPost. Why HuffPost you ask? Because according to Mary Poppins, "A Little Side Boob helps the Medicine go Down", that's why.

I'm also keeping an eye on the economic side of things with CNBC and Zero Hedge as I've been a closet fan of Stock Market carnage since 2008. Beyond all that my absolute favorite tab to refresh over and over again is definitely the John Hopkins Coronavirus Case Map. Believe me when I tell you that it's no coincidence that it's also the scariest one of them all either.

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