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11/19/2022 03:06:49

Money changes everything,
Except when you're rich,
Cause you be making,
Everybody your bitch.

Lie cheat and steal,

10/20/2022 17:25:32

To those who don't already know: I will be starting a new job next week. This is notable for one reason above all others: It marks my return to a much more normal situation. You see, for the last four and a half years I have actually had two jobs with two different employers. One of the conditions of the arrangement with one of my employers was that I had to largely keep this a secret from my coworkers there. So I mostly did (excluding those I worked very closely with who needed to fully understand my availability). For over four years. That included not discussing it on this blog.

To be clear this wasn't anything like the latest trend in which C-Level execs of various big orgs bemoan the unethical nature of anybody who chooses to work multiple full time jobs with different companies at the same time without telling anybody. Though I agree that doing that is unethical, my reasoning is far different from that of the thin-skinned C-Levels. However those differences are a topic better addressed by a different blog post on a different day.

09/28/2022 14:27:34

The point of today's post, or diatribe if you prefer, is to push back against the notion that once you have a piece of tech integrated into a workflow, you are pretty much good to go barring any sort of critical failure. Sadly a lot of people believe this. However since the first rule of the "Set It and Forget It" club is that you don't talk about said club, you rarely hear much about it.

But the cold harsh reality of it is that most end users are card carrying members of this club. Whether their membership was acquired by virtue of the severely out of date Android smartphone they still tote around or the fact that their employer relies on a multi-decade old ERP system running on a legacy platform that hasn't seen a security update in many years isn't particularly relevant.

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