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 -- Zonker Harris

03/12/2023 14:42:25

Compared to most coders I work with, I've been coding a long time. Specifically since my father and uncle gifted me and my siblings an Apple II in 1985 when I was six years old. We also received a book called "Computer Fun" which attempted to teach BASIC programming to children. So despite all that youthful enthusiasm why do I feel like this career may not be for me anymore?


If I hadn't gotten that computer, that book or if those items hadn't resonated with me, I may not have ever become a professional coder. Fast forward almost 38 years and I'm at a different sort of crossroads. As it stands now, I'm seriously questioning just how long I want to and thus can keep slinging code as my profession. I'll turn 44 this year and I honestly don't know if this is the profession that will take me through to what I hope will be my eventual retirement.

02/13/2023 21:50:39

Much text has been written in recent weeks on the topic of the ChatGPT chat bot, its forthcoming integration into Bing and how it will change the world as we know it. While the commentary has run the entire gamut of possible responses, most of it is definitely more hype based than anything else. Today the hype dies.

So lets start off with the most basic question. What is ChatGPT? Well as it so happens, ChatGPT is capable of furnishing us with a perfectly acceptable answer (LOG-TXT / LOG-PNG):

01/28/2023 00:54:53

If you haven't seen the videos, feel free to view the horror for yourself. Viewer Discretion is advised. When it comes to my reaction, I'll let NWA speak for me.

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