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10/06/2021 14:35:41

So long time readers will remember that about four years back, I posted a diatribe entitled "Repeat after me: Games are supposed to be fun" that basically railed against the realization that a lot of the new games floating around weren't actually all that fun to play. Well today we are going to revisit that topic, freshly inspired by the time I've been spending with both Diablo 2: Resurrected and Minecraft: Dungeons.

Anybody who has been paying attention has realized by now that my taste in games has been in a transitional state for quite awhile now. When I originally stated my gaming career at the tender age of six on my beloved Apple II, I was clearly an adventure gamer as it was "Below the Root" that originally hooked me. Since then my tastes have varied widely. Adventure games practically died as a genre at some point so I naturally transitioned to RPG games, as they at least attempted to provide some sort of interesting story and character development from time to time. And while I still do play RPGs, especially on my PS5, my absolute dedication to the genre has started to wane a bit.

08/14/2021 14:20:55

As some of you know, I had tentative plans to switch from my DeGoogled LineageOS / Android phone (some variation of which I have been using since 2016) over to an iPhone just as soon as they managed to rid their devices of that garish notch. Thankfully, the universe reminded me this past week why I stopped giving proprietary Operating Systems the benefit of the doubt, forcing me to reevaluate that plan.

So before we get into the specifics of why I have changed course yet again, let me first address why I had even gotten to this point. Back in 2018 I penned a post called "Android Fraking Sucks" and concluded that the Purism Librem 5 was the solution to those problems. Well anybody who keeps up with this blog knows that I subsequently rejected the Librem 5 as a viable alternative just over a year later with my three part series "The Sad Saga of Purism and the Librem 5". At some point in the last year, I had begrudgingly decided that I would give iOS a serious shot but that I would hold out until their garish hardware became somewhat less ugly. Sorry Apple lovers, but when you've got a OnePlus 7 Pro any current iPhone just seems ugly in comparison.

07/20/2021 12:39:27

So anybody who is even remotely paying attention to processors knows that Intel is in some really deep shit. Back in 2014 they were essentially riding high above all of the competition and nobody could even come close to challenging their vice like grip on the market. My my how times have changed.

Fast forward to the present day, seven years later and you'll find a situation that is almost unrecognizable. Intel is still pushing processors built on the same tech as they were in 2014. They just have more cores, generate more heat and suck down way more power. To be fair, their integrated GPU (Intel Xe) is actually a bit better nowadays. But only if you ignore the woeful state of the drivers.

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