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04/26/2022 20:42:26

Some weeks it sure seems like things are always changing, doesn't it? Well these past few weeks have definitely felt that way for me. Just when I think things in my tech landscape are solidifying to the point where I won't have any more material for tech related blog posts here, lo and behold the universe delivers some.

So last week I decided, in a huff mind you, to dump Pop! OS and replace it with Fedora. Now those of you who know my Linux history should be shocked by this as the last time I seriously used an RPM based distribution was back in the early 2000s before I got hitched. It has been a VERY long time.

03/16/2022 15:25:10

So ya'll have been following me on my hardware journey for awhile now and you have probably noticed that I keep focusing on different facets of the hardware experience. Well today I have some good news: I have finally found the exact combination of factors that are required to bring me joy on this front and I'm about to reveal the details of that secret sauce.

Once upon a time, I used to be your typical PC Gamer type: I valued performance at the cost of everything else. When I met my wife in 2003, I had just built a dual Xeon workstation with an ATI Radeon 9700 that was huge and exceptionally loud. I loved that machine. It was fast and it did everything I wanted. Sometime after getting married, I discovered that my wife didn't much care for me spending hours on end in a separate room playing video games, so I transitioned to gaming laptops.

02/16/2022 00:06:55

This is a post that I will probably come to regret writing and publishing in the future. The reason for that is simple. This post is going to make a lot of former, current and potentially future co-workers feel like idiots. That's because the topic for this post is scams being pushed by our friends in Big Tech.

So it gets somewhat awkward when you realize that I work in tech and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. It gets way more awkward if you know that when it comes to tech scams / fads, nobody is more susceptible to falling for this stuff than people who work in tech. That's where all this stuff starts and builds momentum after all. Without buy in from the tech community, almost none of this garbage would exist.

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