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01/28/2023 00:54:53

If you haven't seen the videos, feel free to view the horror for yourself. Viewer Discretion is advised. When it comes to my reaction, I'll let NWA speak for me.

01/23/2023 23:42:06

I recently took a new job and my new employer gave me a choice between a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows and an M1 Macbook Pro with MacOS. Even my least dedicated readers know that I have no love for Windows and have spent literal years trying to rid myself of it. So of course I chose the Macbook Pro.

Well dear readers, I'm going to be blunt: I wish I hadn't. The reason why is simple: MacOS is a mess of bugs, half-baked features and is clearly only being maintained because Apple obviously feels like it has to. Over ten years ago when I last used MacOS on a regular basis at work, MacOS was perfectly serviceable by the standards of the day. It was competitive and Apple was clearly still excited for it's future prospects. It wasn't lacking in any noticeable way.

12/28/2022 14:12:24

I've spent a lot of time debating on whether or not I should even write this blog post. Truth is that I was this close to just letting the entire thing fade into oblivion but after searching out some reading material on the subject, I decided that I needed to write about this, if only to remind future Jay what he just escaped from. Future Jay has a tendency to forget important things like that.

Never Forget.

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