Jay Little
"You can write a small letter to Grandma in the filename."
 -- Forbes Burkowski, Computer Science 454

11/15/2023 20:47:39

Yesterday I almost died. At least I came as close to dying as I have ever come over the course of my life. I hadn't been feeling well since Monday morning. I was experiencing quite a bit of abdominal pain and bloating. It only got worse as time progressed on Monday and that evening I just wasn't able to sleep. No matter what position I got in, I just couldn't get to sleep due to the aches and pains. Finally right before 3 am on Tuesday the 14th I woke Annette and she convinced me to let her take me to the emergency room.

Annette saved my life, because I was going to wait. My plan at the time was to tough it out until the Urgent Care center opened in a few hours and drive myself down there after Annette left for work so as to avoid the possible expense and embarrassment of wasting an ERs time. In any event, as it turns out my gall bladder had an infection and the situation was rapidly deteriorating. This prompted the wonderful workers at the Prisma Greer Memorial Hospital to suggest an immediate removal of the gall bladder. They gassed me around 1 pm on the 14th and I woke up a few hours later sans gall bladder and was greeted by Annette and my parents.

10/17/2023 22:49:27

Today's post is about a subject near and dear to my heart: Laptops with Linux preinstalled. Sadly this is not a happy post, but rather one in which I share my recent angst about the state of Linux Laptop hardware and how I have maneuvered myself into a very neglected corner.

So as regular readers know, I have largely only purchased laptops with Linux preinstalled for quite a few years. This is because as a person living within a capitalistic society, I am ethically compelled to vote with my dollar as it is the only vote I have which actually seems to matter. To make a long story short: I do not wish to reward Microsoft for their ongoing objectionable behaviors relating to Windows and I really don't much care for MacOS so Linux is my de-facto operating system of choice.

09/26/2023 20:15:34

While most of my readers probably think of me as being some kind of massive die hard Linux loving Penguin, the reality is that outside of servers, laptops and desktops I don't use Linux very much. The purpose of today's post is to detail the reasons and the journey of how I have basically become an Apple Fanboi nearly everywhere else.

Let's start with a disclaimer: If you want to email me or send me a message on Mastodon telling me how stupid I am for trusting Apple, well, okay. So be it. While I wholeheartedly agree that trusting any form of proprietary software in this day and age is a foolish choice that will eventually bite everybody in their ass, the flip side is that sometimes you just need convenient tech to rely upon in certain scenarios.

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