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09/06/2020 23:50:29

Does the title of this post shock you? It should. The simple act of writing it actually shocked me. While I don't typically give final titles to my posts until after I've written them (largely because I typically only have a vague subject in mind when I start writing a post), in this particular case the title was the very first thing I wrote. Why? Because in the event that Donald Trump is re-elected, this post among others that I've recently made to this blog, can and will be used as evidence of treason on my part.

Am I committing treason? By today's standards, absolutely not. I'm simply expressing my opinion that Donald Trump is the greatest threat that American Democracy has ever faced and that not kicking him to the curb will almost certainly prove to be its killing blow. So why am I writing this? Because like all things I have written about here, I feel compelled to. There can be no other reason. The day I find another reason is the very same day that whatever pittance of following I have should reconsider doing so.

08/15/2020 13:00:09

In this connected world where we are awash in information and have the ability to construct our own echo chambers, one thing has become evident: Each and every one of us is a sucker. Don't beat yourself up. It is inevitable as marketing now trumps truth and lies have become our security blankets.

I'm going to sidestep the obvious political parallels here for a moment and tell you about an experience I had earlier this week in which I came to the realization that I had been suckered. This story revolves around Firefox web browser which regular readers know that I have championed for quite awhile.

08/05/2020 13:18:34

Over the last few months, I have been having trouble with the stability of my home internet connection. This became evident to me while live streaming to Twitch as my stream would begin dropping a lot of frames in a really short amount of time. For a time, recycling the power on the cable modem would make a positive difference, but after a few months that stopped working reliably. This post is about my subsequent experience trying to write a scheduled cron job that would let me know whenever my internet connection was having issues.

A few years ago I had a similar issue. That took six months to resolve and it ended up requiring that some cable run underneath the sidewalk in front of my house be replaced. So because of the PTSD associated with that hellish experience (which effectively rendered my connection unusable for hours on end at random times, making working remotely from home quite difficult), I took immediate action when I was presented with a similar issue once again.

Once recycling the power on the modem stopped working, I called Charter / Spectrum. They sent a tech out and he replaced the line run from the street, through my yard, into my crawlspace which goes through the floor into my office where the Cable Modem resides. The tech also replaced my Cable Modem (which incidentally was not only an older model, but also "survived" our house getting struck by lightning in 2019).

However that wasn't enough. I wanted to be able to monitor this situation so I wouldn't be caught with my pants down again. I decided to write a simple cron job which would notify me when my internet connection was not working. So how do I did that? Well I decided that pinging some known IP addresses was the way to go. Initially the script was written to simply ping Google's public DNS server @ one hundred times and only produce output in the event that at least one packet was dropped.

Eventually I updated the script so that it would randomly select an IP from a list of IPs, all of which are IPs of publicly accessible DNS servers. Below is the final version of the script in its entirety:



rm /tmp/ping_test_output.txt > /dev/null 2>&1
ping -c $COUNT -D -O $IP > /tmp/ping_test_output.txt 2>&1
if grep -qi " 0% packet loss" /tmp/ping_test_output.txt; then
 exit 0
 echo ALERT: Ping Test to $IP lost at least one packet!
 cat /tmp/ping_test_output.txt | tail -n 2 | head -n 1
 echo -----------------------------------------------------
 cat /tmp/ping_test_output.txt
 echo -----------------------------------------------------
 exit 1

This script ran every half an hour via the magic of cron and in the event any packets were dropped produces an email with the pertinent details. So now I had a great way to track when my internet connection was acting up, right?


As I soon came to realize, even though this script seemed to do its job by sending emails when packets were lost, it didn't actually mean my internet connection was having a problem at all. Nevertheless since I didn't realize this I started calling Spectrum each and every time I started getting more than one or two of these emails within a period of a few hours (as I am willing to tolerate maybe one or two a day, because this is the internet after all). At some point it became clear that unlike before, I wasn't seeing other things fail. My streams were not being negatively effected despite receiving these emails and most importantly Spectrum's phone support wasn't able to replicate the packet loss on their end (which they were able to do before).

At this point, I thought maybe that some other piece of network equipment on my side was responsible. My network is largely powered by Ubiquiti equipment and ever since the Coronavirus became an issue, their firmware updates have been less than stellar. I had already rolled back one upgrade on my Wireless Access Point to resolve a separate issue, so I decided to roll back the most recent update on my EdgeRouter X-1 as well.

Initially this seemed to resolve my issues. I went a few weeks and only got an email here and there and all seemed well. Then sometime last week I started getting A LOT of these emails. Every half an hour in fact. Not only that but the packet loss started creeping up from 1% to as high as 3% and 4%. But everything else appeared to be working fine. I was still live streaming without dropping any frames. Internet video services were working fine (exempting of course the occasional glitch from Philo which is just standard operating procedure sadly).

So what the hell was going on? Sadly my entire approach was absolutely idiotic and had never had a real chance of working. However because networking isn't my primary forte and is probably not yours, you are probably scratching your head just like I was wondering what the flaw was. Remember the point of this script is to let me know that my internet connection is having issues, but so far the output produced by this script didn't seem to correlate with any actual issues. So I started to do some research. Eventually I stumbled on this conversation which helped to shed some light on the problem. The subject of the thread really says it all:

DNS Rate Limiting ICMP ( and

Holy shit. Wow. It never even occurred to me that a public DNS server like would put rate limits on things like ICMP. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. These servers exist primarily to service DNS clients, not allow half ass network admins like me to "test" the quality of their internet connection. So of course you want to prioritize servicing DNS clients over anything else.

07/30/2020 20:34:43

End This Nightmare

07/16/2020 19:46:22

I am not in the habit of writing disclaimers for my posts here. However I think given the nature of the content that follows, it would be prudent for me to make this very clear: This is an opinion piece. It reflects my thoughts and feelings on the upcoming election and the standing of the Republican party in general as a result of the chaos they have enabled over the last four years. If you find these opinions insulting, that's a shame but ultimately that's just how it's going to be and I won't be offering any apologies.

The title of this post has been written to be as provocative as possible. The reason for this is simple. I want to draw the eye of wandering Republicans. I know quite a few Republicans as I am related to them, work with them, work for them and am friends with them. I live in a red state after all and as such people of a liberal persuasion are few and far between. But if you've been paying attention to the events of 2020, then you know as well as I do that American society has come to a crossroads of sorts. While it has become commonplace for talking heads to refer to every election as a referendum and every victory as a mandate, it's mostly bullshit meant to stir the zeitgeist a bit. However in this particular case for the next four months, it has never been more true. That having been said, I desperately want to reach these people and make my case.

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