Jay Little
Recipes - Introduction


The purpose of this article is to document various recipes that have been floating around in my family and Annette's family for years now. Some of these were handwritten, some of them were typed up in a more formal fashion, but all of them were essentially kept within the family. Until now.

Annette and I have seen a lot of family members pass over the last few years and making some of their recipes has helped to keep the memory of these departed family members alive so to speak. So with that in mind, I took it upon myself to start documenting various recipes and publishing them on my website.

I can't guarantee anybody will enjoy this food as much as we do. But that's okay. Everybody has a right to enjoy what they enjoy and to disregard the rest. But if you even just take the time to read through these recipes, then my mission will have been accomplished.

And hey, if you happen to cook one and have some positive feedback, by all means feel free to share. Oh and yeah, I'm no chef, but I'm choosing to sneak in a recipe or two of my own here along with noting any variations I have because I like the idea of contributing to the collective family memory that is our food.

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