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My objective is to write the most useful, efficient and secure software possible to solve the problem at hand.
Visual Studio Code / 2022, Rider, Microsoft / Libre Office
SQL Server, SQLite, DB2, MariaDB / MySQL
Operating Systems
Linux, Windows
C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET / MVC / Web.API /WebForms, Docker, Git, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Vue.js, Bootstrap Vue, React.js, AngularJS (1.x), WebPack, BASH Scripting
Associates in Computer Technology
1996/8/1  -  1998/6/1
Work History
Software Engineer (Remote)
2018/5/14  -  2022/10/21
From scratch, I developed an on-premise web application which provided more end user friendly interfaces to the company's internal legacy green screen AS400 ERP system and it's associated DB2 iSeries database. Technologies that were employed as part of this project were: C#, Web API, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Vue.JS, Babel, and WebPack. Regarding the Vue implementation, the application was split into multiple modules which were each setup as their own single page applications. Heavy use was made of Bootstrap and the Bootstrap-Vue component libraries. This application also integrated with Azure Active Directory for authentication and Microsoft Teams for notifications.
Software Engineer (Remote)
2015/3/9  -  2018/5/11
I worked on both the Implementation and Performance teams. I designed, created and deployed a client onboarding tools as well as a highly scalable load testing framework developed around Visual Studio Load Testing tools. It included live results for large load tests, integration hooks for provisioning accounts in our apps and inclusive test management tools which relied upon git. All of these tools where written with either ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebAPI technologies. We also utilized C#, Javascript and the Angular.JS. SQL Server and Redis were used for data storage.
.NET Developer
2014/6/24  -  2015/2/27
I worked extensively with the Brand Central application family that exists to help Verizon coordinate advertising campaigns managed by up to 40 different advertising agencies around the world. This application family consisted of numerous .NET web applications which used a variety of technologies including ASP.NET webforms, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS and WebAPI.
Software Architect / Engineer
2013/1/21  -  2014/6/23
Upon completion of my contract with Fluor, I proceeded to work for myself (no employees) with a number of clients on a variety of projects involving a variety of technologies such as C#, VB,NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, Navision and Crystal Reports.
Senior Software Engineer
2012/10/10  -  2013/1/18
I worked within the Fluor Government Group to assist in developing PCDMS, a system designed to track and manage various government contracts. PCDMS was written in C# using ASP.NET with various .NET 4.0 technologies supporting it. It relied upon a SQL Server backend for it's data storage.
Senior Software Engineer
2011/9/6  -  2012/10/8
My primary responsibilities included development of the AppBuilder platform upon which a number of their client web applications are built including HRInTouch. Specific development tasks included the creation and inclusion of extensive client side AJAX functionality, work with REST web services, expansion of its data storage and management capabilities and working to bring the platform to a state where it could be effectively utilized by third party developers to create their own applications.
Software/Web Developer
2008/10/27  -  2011/8/24
Upon returning to work for Gower/Jobscope I resumed work on previous projects. In addition I began work on new internal ASP.NET applications ASP.NET Webforms, SQL Server and C#. This application streamlined a number of paper processes within various Gower children companies.
Software/Web Developer
2007/7/30  -  2008/10/24
I developed a modern front end for their custom legacy ERP system. The ERP system was hosted on D3, a multi-valued database platform running on Linux. The front end made use of ASP.NET, SQL Server and a library called MV.NET which bridged the gap between old and new. In addition I wrote a Windows service which automatically converted PCL printer jobs from the ERP system into PDF files.
Software/Web Developer
2004/6/21  -  2007/7/27
I primarily developed custom applications for various Jobscope clients. I worked directly with the clients to design, test, deploy and maintain the applications we develped. Most of them were either ASP.NET WebForm or WinForm .NET applications written for a three tiered architecture in C# and VB.NET. They all relied upon SQL Server.
Web/Database Developer
2000/9/21  -  2004/5/4
I was primarily responsible for development and maintenance of three applications the combination of which made use of ASP/ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server. These applications existed to help the engineers track and identify reliability related issues with failure prone parts.
Network Administrator
1999/11/1  -  2000/9/1
I administered and maintained a network of nearly 100 client machines, 4 Windows NT 4 Servers, and 1 Novell Netware 3.2 Server in the fast paced, pressure oriented environment of an international UPS Call Center. I gained extensive experience with Call Center oriented products such as TCS, RTA, and CMS (Lucent Switch Software). I also single handedly designed and developed the Teletech Greenville Intranet site using ASP/VBScript.
Visual Basic Developer
1999/4/1  -  1999/11/1
I worked on converting large amounts of billing, diagnosis, and lab data between different hospital system management platforms. I also worked on redesigning our conversion engine which allowed us to access flatfiles through an ADO like interface. I worked extensively with Meditech, SOMMED, Dairyland, and SAINT medical systems. The majority of my work was completed using Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, and SQL Server.
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