Jay Little
Jay Little

My objective is to write the most useful, efficient and secure software possible to solve the problem at hand.

Visual Studio Code / 2022, Rider
SQL Server, SQLite, DB2, MariaDB / MySQL
Operating Systems
Linux, Windows, MacOS
C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Docker, Git, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, AngularJS (1.x), REST, APIs
Work History
Senior Software Engineer (Remote)
2024/4/22  -  Present
  • Worked On Payroll Processing Related Tasks
Software Developer (Remote)
2022/10/25  -  2024/4/5
  • Developed a Custom Web ERP / MRP system
    • Created using a .NET / ASP.NET / React / SQL Server tech stack
  • Designed and Developed Data Migrations and Integrations Between Systems
    • Used C#, .NET 6.0, Linux and Docker to build these services
    • Integrated with existing On Premise MRP System (e.g. E2 JobBoss) using direct SQL access
    • Integrated with Sage Intacct ERP using APIs provided by Sage
    • Integrated with Custom ERP / MRP system using a mix of APIs and direct SQL access
Software Engineer (Remote)
2018/5/14  -  2022/10/21
  • Developed an On-Premise Web Application that provided access to legacy AS400 System’s Jobscope ERP and MRP Data
    • Built Using C#, .NET 6.0, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Vue.JS, SQL Server and DB2
    • Integrated with Azure Active Directory for Authentication and Microsoft Teams for Notifications
  • Managed On Premise IIS server and was responsible for security hardening
Software Engineer (Remote)
2015/3/9  -  2018/5/11
  • Developed a Real Time Load Testing Tool
    • Provided a custom web front end to Microsoft Load Testing Services which provided real time feedback to viewers while the load test was running
    • Provided admin tools which allowed performance engineers to modify load test parameters and use case scenario mixes as well as automatically schedule and manually start load tests
    • Provided real time data consolidation and statistical summarization of load tests which simulated a minimum of 20,000 simultaneous users
    • Provided tools that allowed for simple provisioning of existing users in prod mirror environment (with PII extracted and / or scrambled) using specified security parameters so that load tests could be run using as much prod-like data as possible while ensuring success of specific tasks
  • Developed Tools Designed to Speed Up New Client Implementations / Onboarding
    • Wrote a number of tools designed to allow implementation consultants to quickly import client data
    • Wrote a number of audit processes designed to go behind consultants to quickly identify known configuration or setup errors that could result in revenue loss later on down the road
  • Created and Maintained Deployment / Build scripts and CI/CD pipelines in TeamCity and Octopus
.NET Developer
2014/6/24  -  2015/2/27
  • Developed Brand Central for Verizon
    • Was developed with ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS and WebAPI
    • Application provided a centralized resource for advertising campaigns and branding rules
    • Was used by users at 40 different advertising agencies located around the world
Software Architect / Engineer
2013/1/21  -  2014/6/23
  • Worked independently for a variety of clients under a 1099
    • Wrote and maintained custom ASP.NET software written in C# and VB.NET
    • Maintained a variety of On Premise Windows servers
    • Assisted in migrating / synchronization of applications and data stores between on premise and remote data centers
Senior Software Engineer
2012/10/10  -  2013/1/18
  • Developed PCDMS which assisted in tracking various contracts
    • Developed using C#, ASP.NET Webforms and SQL Server
    • Designed to run exclusively over high latency, low bandwidth connections to users located in remote regions such as Afghanistan
Senior Software Engineer
2011/9/6  -  2012/10/8
  • Developed AppBuilder which was a rapid development tool for custom applications
    • Made extensive use of Microsoft Technologies such as .NET, C#, ASP.Net Webforms and SQL Server
    • Also made use of more esoteric parts of the .NET stack at the time such as Windows Workflow Foundation
    • Also worked with apps built on the platform including HRInTouch
Software/Web Developer
2008/10/27  -  2011/8/24
  • Designed and Developed a Cable Bus Quoting Web Application
    • Worked extensively with C#, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET Ajax, Linq-to-SQL and SQL Server
    • Worked to help users transition from Spreadsheet based process to Web based process
  • Maintained previous projects written for clients of Jobscope while I had previously worked there
  • Developed a Component for JEE (Jobscope Enterprise Edition) which allowed users to customize form layouts
Software/Web Developer
2007/7/30  -  2008/10/24
  • Designed and Developed a Web Front End for a Custom Legacy ERP System
    • Worked extensively with C#, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET Ajax and MV.NET
    • Custom ERP System was a D3/Pick system which operated against a multi-valued database
  • Designed and Developed a Windows Service that allowed ERP system users to print to PDF
  • Maintained and Customized Forked Version of Toolhound Construction Management System
    • Worked extensively with VBScript and ASP
    • Helped to build out a mobile (Windows CE) compatible version of the system
Software/Web Developer
2004/6/21  -  2007/7/27
  • Developed Custom Software for a variety of Jobscope Clients
    • Worked extensively with C#, VB.NET and SQL Server
    • Wrote a variety of ASP.NET WebForm applications and traditional MDI WinForm applications
Software/Web Developer
2000/9/21  -  2004/5/4
  • Designed, Developed and Maintained Engineering Support Applications
    • Made use of ASP / ASP.NET, Visual Basic / VB.NET and SQL Server
    • Applications helped engineers to track and analyze reliability related issues along with failure prone parts
  • Designed, Developed and Maintained Excel Spreadsheets and Macros which interfaced from SQL Server
Network Administrator
1999/11/1  -  2000/9/1
  • Administered and Maintained a Network of 100 plus client machines
    • Managed 4 Windows NT 4.0 Servers and 1 Novell Netware 3.2 Server
    • Worked extensively with Call Center Oriented Products like TCS, RTA and CMS (Lucent Switch Software)
    • Work was performed in a high pressure international UPS call center environment
  • Designed and Developed new Intranet Site for Greenville location using ASP/VBScript
Software Developer
1999/4/1  -  1999/11/1
  • Designed and Developed Data Conversions between Hospital System Management Platforms
    • Made use of Visual Basic, Microsoft Office and SQL Server
    • Converted billing, diagnosis and lab data from SOMMED, Dairyland and SAINT systems into Meditech
    • Helped design a next generation conversion backend which allowed for flatfile access using an ADO like API
Associates in Computer Technology
1996/8/1  -  1998/6/1
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