Jay Little
Presentation Engine 4.1 Beta

06/23/2014 23:33:08

Well it's that time again my friends. A new version of Presentation Engine is imminent. The major changes are as follows:

[1] After a ten year hiatus, a forums area has been added to the Presentation Engine. It's relatively basic right now but I plan on augmenting it in the future. Right now we support seperate forum logins and multiple forums with multiple threads. The forum data has also been adding to the site search functionality.

[2] The print feature has been removed. Version 4.0 already had all of the CSS related code to enable code-less printing and all 4.1 does is remove the code and make it official.

[3] System wide data caching has been added. While the data for every screen is not being cached, the data for most of them are. This should result in a substantial performance improvement at the cost of memory. Future plans include adding an admin settings flag that will allow admins to turn caching on and off. For now it cannot be turned off as I would like to force testing of this particular feature.

[4] Numerous bugs have been fixed.

[5] Clippy's list of phrases has been modified ;)

Of course the beta period will last just as long as I deem it needs to last. If you head on over to the project page, you will be able to download the packages for this release.

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