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Betting open for Presentation Engine release....
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06/30/2003 17:51:49

Another week goes by and.... errrr... ummmm... the updated version of the Presentation Engine has yet to be released. Even though I know better, I like pretending that people out there actually care whether or not I release the engine driving this site. In an effort to continue this grand delusion in the tradition of all things pointless - I've decided to start taking bets for when I will actually get around to releasing the next version of the Presentation Engine.

You may be asking yourself, "Why hasn't he released it yet?" Because I really don't feel like. Nobody seems to care and as a result I don't seem to care. Then again if it concerns you oh so damn much I suggest you head on down to the local corner store and pick yourself up a life. They are on sale today - really.

New Features of the day:

1) Added the ability to change page font face, font color, and font size through theming engine.
2) Added what I like to call the "Useless Anecdote (i.e. Quote for the idiots among you) of the Day". This essentially chooses a random quote out of list of around 3500 that I conviently obtained from the cygwin version of fortune. These will become part of the standard PEngine distribution and will appear on the top of the main page.
As always there is more to come. If somebody wants me to release what I have - go ahead and email me. Otherwise continue to point and laugh at me as I make pointless updates regarding the status of a small fry application that nobody other than myself cares about. (Note: We'll see how long you are laughing after I track down your IP and show up at your door with a tackhammer) /me grins evilly.


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