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Proxykiller 3.0
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11/13/2001 00:13:40

Lately I have been spending alot of time on a major rewrite of the Proxykiller application in anticipation for the next version of 3.0.

Currently I have rewritten 99% of the HTML Processing Engine that was introduced in 2.0 and incorporated the bulk of it into the JayInet backend ActiveX DLL. Not only does it run faster, but it is far more reliable and accurate. Along with this new set of backend libraries comes a major update to the JayInet Console application which now supports full HTTP protocol functionality. Though it is mainly used for debugging purposes for the HTML Parsing Engine - it can serve many purposes beyond that.

I probably wont release the code for this version for a little while - as I still have alot of testing I would like to perform on it. The new engine performs exceptionaly well and already sports a much higher compatibility rate than the previous one. The code is far easier to understand and may actually be commented in this new release.

The best part about this is that the new library is 100% backwards compatible with the old one. This means that you could technically run both Proxykiller versions 2.0 and 3.0 at the same time so you will sacrifice no compatibility whatsoever.

Stay Tuned for more informaton on this project...


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