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Proxykiller Update
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10/31/2001 02:28:23

Well I've finally taken the time to sit down and fix a few of the bugs in the current code version of Proxykiller. The lastest version is 2.2 and here is the list of changes:

(1) Added support for URLs using the \\ nomenclature for absolute links instead of using something a sane person would. This was required to get /. 2 to display correctly in Proxykiller.

(2) Added support for binary data streamed from scripts where the filename & extension are not nessacarily at the end of the query string.

(3) Thought about commenting the code and reorganizing things a bit - but didnt bother. Maybe next time :-)

So download the code and check out the latest release. And also - feel free to contribute or make any suggestions that any of you feel would improve this project.


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