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Presentation Engine - FAQ


What is the Presentation Engine?

The Presentation Engine is exactly that - a web based database system which can allow you to quickly and easily present yourself and/or other topics of interest to people wandering around on the web. Currently the engine has just been updated as part of its "fifth" major release. This current version is written in C# and targets .NET Core. It is has been primarily target to and tested on a Linux platform but should work without issues on other platforms supported by .NET Core.

Why did you create it?

Originally I needed some sort of platform on which to practice/develop web application interface theming, or if you will "skinning" techniques. I also was in need of a personal site. I mean let's face the facts - its pretty bad when you develop web applications for a living and don't even have a sample of your work to provide to potential clients. As a result, the Presentation Engine was born.

What can it be used for?

Essentially anything. This engine is open source - so any end user can change it and modify it to their hearts content. For a wonderful example, just take a look at my personal site (which you are obviously at now), it makes extensive use of the Presentation Engines many capabilities. It also serves as a platform for beta testing future releases of the Presentation Engine.

What is the Presentation Engine written in?

The Presentation Engine is written with HTML5/CSS/C#/Javascript. It specifically makes use of React.js for powering the client side administration tools.

Where can I get the Presentation Engine?

For older versions: Check out the downloads page. The current source can be obtained from github.

Why did it take you so long to release it?

While this product has always been open source, it wasn't always as open as it is now. For starters PEngine V5 is the first version that comes with an opensource license (GPL3). It is also the first version that lives on github so as to encourage collaboration and transparency.

How do I upgrade from an older version to a newer one?

I am no longer supporting upgrades from earlier versions of the Presentation Engine prior to 4.0. Earlier release downloads contain upgrade instructions for the previous releases. Try them at your own risk.

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