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A Flame Gone too Far 2002/12/8 1:55 AM
For those of you with experience - at what point do you think that a flame war has gone too far? Personally I think that it has gone too far once it degrades into threats of physical violence and and a need to contact to the authorities. I recently went
A Door to Door Con Gone Wrong 2005/8/13 8:43 AM
The wife and I went through a scary yet thought provoking experience earlier this evening. This email I sent to the prepetrator's company, Chapel Sales Inc ought to explain it: To whom it does concern, I am writing this email in an effort to relay an exp
A Confederacy of Dunces 2002/11/20 9:13 AM
I've just finished reading one of most amusing (not to mention wonderfully pointless) books that I've ever had the distinct pleasure of reading. "Confederacy of Dunces", which was written by John Kennedy Toole, tells the story of a fat, lazy, o
2+2=5 says the CIA 2003/7/18 8:48 PM
Holy smokes Batman! This just in! I've just heard from the CIA that adding 2 and 2 together will officially result in an answer of 5. Due to the momentual effects this change will have on society at large I've decided to close the site until further no
"Escaping Karma Hell" - A Testimony 2002/5/9 5:35 PM
Some said that it simply was not possible. Some even dared say that it wasn't worth trying. After all I've been through - I would have to disagree with them. Today I have proven that it is indeed possible to escape from the Slashdot artificially induce
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