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www.jaylittle.com 2001/10/11 11:45 PM
Thats right guys! My favorite domain just opened up for registration and I snagged it right up! No more stupid @home IP address, no more weird port numbers, and no more slow upload speed caps imposed by my friends on at @home! This will also help my res
GE and Pentium 4s 2001/10/5 1:17 AM
Yeppo - everything with GE worked out fine. My contract has been renewed (with the other Agency) and things are looking good in that respect. I built a new Pentium 4 based box a few weeks ago. The specs of it are 1.7 ghz P4/640 MB RDRAM/70 gigs/Geforce3
WilL WRiTe COdE fOR fOod 2001/9/11 12:03 AM
Well it looks like things are coming to a head with my job situation. As some of you probably know, I currently work as a contractor for GE Power Systems doing web development work. My contract was originally for a time period of six months - needless t
Projects Section Update! 2001/9/4 8:03 AM
Yes it has been a long time coming - but I have finally updated the projects section of my site. I have uploaded a new bugfix version of Proxykiller which is known as version 2.1. This version has a few changes - check the readme file included with the
Windows XP Pre-Order 2001/9/3 10:36 AM
You can preorder your copy of Windows XP today from CompUSA today. I went ahead and picked up my full version of XP Pro tonight for about $315.00 (including tax and shipping charges). Some of you probably thought I was joking when I said I was planning o
Windows XP Build 2600 (Pre RTM) 2001/8/22 3:38 AM
Thats right kiddies. Windows XP RTM has almost hit in the form of Pre RTM build 2600. While its likely that the RTM build will in fact be the same (with the 180 day evaluation restrictions removed) - it should be signed off later this week - as early as
Code Red Gone 2001/8/9 5:42 PM
Hmmmm... This morning Code Red activity just died. For over two hours now I havent had a single Code Red related attack made on the sever. It also appears that @home has blocked all incoming HTTP traffic. That being the case, its unlikely anybody is see
The War Against Code Red 2001/8/8 7:00 PM
Okay guys - I attempted to create deploy a code red counter virus yesterday. To save some of you some time - let me just say that it was NOT successful outside my test environment. The counter virus, as I call it, isnt actually a virus at all (in that it
Code Red Virus 2 2001/8/7 2:12 AM
Okay guys - want to see how hard my box has been hit by codered? Just go to this link (which is long since dead) to get a good look. What you are seeing is output from my new web application, the IIS Log Scanner. Yeah I plan on setting up a project page
Code Red Virus 2001/8/6 8:55 AM
Well here we go again. It seems that another variant of the lovely 'Code Red' virus is spreading. Thats right kiddies. Perhaps this will mean more security work for me in the off hours. Anyway get the scoop here. This is no game people. I've already
Some More Updates... 2001/7/3 3:39 AM
I've gone ahead and rewritten many internal portions of the Presentation Engine (most of these changes won't be noticed by most people - unless you are looking at the code that it is.) This is in preparation for the upcoming first release of the Presenta
Round 2 - Microsoft Wins! 2001/6/29 12:28 AM
Yeah you heard it here ummmm.... first...? no... 32nd! Anyway - it appears that MS has finally smacked the DOJ back down into oblivion! It seems the US Appeals Court has decided that Judge Jackson's ruling of splitting Microsoft Corporation into two sepe
Projects Update 2001/5/25 2:29 AM
The Projects section of the site has been updated yet again today with more information on a few of my current projects: ProxyKiller Presentation Engine Feel free to take a look and leave me any comments or suggestions!
Projects System 2001/5/24 8:00 PM
The beginnings of the Project system have been implemented. It is now possible to catalogue and link to specific projects using the Presentation Manager. Again as time goes on, this feature will begin to embody more functionality.
News/Resume Functionality 2001/5/24 5:14 AM
The News and Resume sections of the Presentation Engine are now feature complete. You can now add/edit/delete every portion of these sections through the dynamic interface. This functionality is still in beta - so please let me know if you encounter any
News System 2001/5/24 12:18 AM
Yet another improvement has been made to the Presentation Engine! The News engine is now up and VERY partially operational. As time goes on, this function will grow to encompass a LARGE range of functionality. Stay Tuned!
Test Story 1900/1/1 11:00 AM
If you are seeing this, chances are your Presentation System database connection is working correctly. Thanks again for using this system!
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