Jay Little
Benefitfocus has gone public!

09/18/2013 20:56:14

Well this has certainly been a long time coming. It seems that Benefitfocus has finally gone public and the share price is skyrocketing . To my friends still there, I would like to say congratulations. Though I'm not sure why. Unless you are getting stock options, it doesn't really mean all that much from a compensation standpoint. It does of course mean that your company has now begun the long infamous transition from a stable independent entity to a marionette whose strings are randomly tugged by hordes of idiotic investors.

Good luck with that! As for everybody else feel free to to click on over and read my thoughts from April on BF's upcoming IPO . Nothing has changed there and all of the points I laid out are still quite relevant. What's most interesting is that while other ex-employees have searched for information the IPO today, they seem to have stumbled upon my post on the subject and I've got a bit of positive feedback from them in response. It's nice to know that from time to time some of the content on this site is being read ;)

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