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Windows 7 is out
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07/26/2009 17:05:00

Well, the day has finally come. Or it came a few days ago. Well technically it came on July 13th, but wasn't announced until this Wednesday July 22nd. Windows 7 is done! And not only that, but the untouched RTM build straight from Microsoft is floating around out there in the wild. I can't wait to get my keys via my Action Pack subscription next month. Though until then I've installed it with no key.

As some of you know, I've been using Windows 7 nearly fulltime at home since it's first beta. It's been a speedy and solid development process. By the time the Release Candidate hit, it was a solid product ready for primetime. The final RTM build continues this tradition. Windows 7 ought to be the final nail in the coffin of people (like those I work for) that absolutely insist of sticking with Windows XP because Windows Vista is baaaaad. Well at work to be fair, we use some older software that just plain won't work on Vista or 7 (i.e. Lotus Notes 5). Hopefully the Virtual XP feature of 7 will put that concern to rest. Or perhaps the web app I wrote to replace that lone Lotus Notes app :)

Anyway, Windows 7 is out and it's awesome. I suggest you start looking into it, pronto!

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