Jay Little
An unexpected cache of stimpacks

01/09/2008 18:11:07

So it seems that I'm not the only retro-gamer out there wishing for more of the good old days of gaming. One of my all time favorite RPG series, Fallout is typically revered as a pinnacle of the CRPG experience. That having been said, it appears that an enterprising soul has taken it upon himself to add missing content that the devs cut and make a number of other mods to Fallout 2 and release them for public consumption:

Link to the Wonderful Mod

Now after reading the first five pages of the linked thread, it definitely appears to have it's fair share of bugginess. Though to be fair a lot of that seems related to the optional Fallout 1 sounds and ammo mods that you can install along with the base mod itself. Since I'm currently playing Neverwinter Nights 2, I might think about giving this one a shot once I finish with that. Hopefully that gives the community enough time to join together and deal with all of the little annoyances left in this thing.

Still this is absolutely great news. It's not everyday you learn that there is still some future left in one of the greatest masterpieces of the past. Speaking of which, I think Fallout 2 is getting a bit long in the tooth. It around 10 years old now as it was first released in 1998. Man do I feel old!

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