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05/24/2006 07:40:12

I finally bought a house. Yeah I did it. Well I am going to do it. We will close on the house a week from today and begin moving in the following day. To say that my wife and I are excited is an understatement at best.

That having been said, I have decided that I will likely close down this site for awhile. My life has become cluttered and as a result, many portions of it remain unkept like an old closet that is never opened. That being the case, this website currently ranks high on the list of things that "I wish I could spend more time with but I can't".

This website regardless of it's actual future (which has yet to be 100% determined) will be offline starting early next week for up to a week's worth of time. Never fear though, my email shall continue to function unabated even through the move so you one or two fans, feel free to keep on emailing... oh who am I kidding. There are no fans.

Also I made a small update to the APK section. Apparently somebody who knows APK in real life caught whiff of the site, read it over and sent some comments forward. This person's story is tragic to say the least and I can only hope that my lack of involvement with APK as well as the voicing of this person's thoughts will better persuade people to avoid dealing with this son of a bitch in the future. Every action has an equal opposite reaction and apparently APK spends his time in the real world using people as punching bags for the teenage angst he is seemingly unable to control. Needless to say a summary of this persons words can be found in the second section of the APK article.

Good day.

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