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TrueType Fonts and Linux
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06/11/2002 01:42:47

Well I just finished spending the last hour getting decent font support set up on my Linux box. Having been recently inspired by a thread on Arstechnica detailing how to set up nice looking fonts in Linux (Redhat 7.3 uses the crappiest ones by default) - I decided to waste a little time and go at it.

Needless to say, I was successful :-) The irony is that I'm unable to see the effects on my own site because the default neowin theme uses Helvetica and that font doesn't appear to have been "upgraded" in its appearance. Oh well....

Also my adventures with Linux are coming along quite well. Today I was able to write my first X11 program (after playing catch up on C++ which I havent used in years). It did nothing more than display a simple window while catching events - but that was more than enough to satisfy me.


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