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Into the depths of Linux
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04/24/2002 05:37:06

Well over the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to install and really attempt to get in depth with Linux. Though I've been using it on and off for years - I've never dedicated an entire machine to it. I must say its been quite an interesting adventure thus far. While Linux can be difficult to configure and requires a major time investment - it has quickly become clear that its amazing what you can download for free.

Currently I'm using Redhat 7.3 beta 2 as my distribution. My copy of Suse 8.0 (my absolute favorite distribution) should be shipping tommorrow however. In the coming weeks I will begin composing an indepth tour of my Linux system for you guys to take a look at. Not only will I get to show off, but some of you may learn a thing or two as I have.

Anyway - thats my "required" update. In a few weeks expect something a bit larger and stay tuned because the fact is that you never know whats going to come out of my mouth next.


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