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The Patriots win the Superbowl - By Erik Jeffreys
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02/04/2002 07:38:37

Yes the patriots have won the superbowl despite everybody thinking otherwise. In fact I was so sure that this wouldn't happen - I made a bet with a work friend of mine. The bet was that if the Patriots won - we could post something to my site. Well it appears that something quite hot froze over and that they did - so here is Erik's message to the world:

Once again those of little faith do not believe in destiny.

Jay and I have worked together for a year now, and though I have tried to guide him in the truths and realities of this world, but he resists to accept the facts.

I told him of Bin Ladens computer networks after 9/11, only to be scoffed at. Yet in the next weeks, CNN and various news reports revealed my omniscient vision.

My latest attempt was to guide him in the world of sports. With the Super Bowl approaching, we discussed the two teams involved. Jay, going with the flow, assumed that the all powerful Rams would easily defeat the lowly Patriots. Knowing what I know about destiny, I simply stated the Patriots would win and was again scoffed at. Here were my reasons:

1. Due to 9/11, what other team should win other than the Patriots 2. The Patriots were a team of destiny. That was established in the Oakland game on the "questionable call" 3. The defied all odds by defeating Pittsburgh 4. The Super Bowl had the "America" theme so naturally then Patriots fit the bill. 5. Rams live in the mountains, (Afghanistan) and the Patriots(USA) kicked their behinds.
Anyways, to my friend Jay, believe in conspiracy and destiny. Have faith in my knowledge, wisdom, and power.
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