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09/11/2001 00:03:27

Well it looks like things are coming to a head with my job situation. As some of you probably know, I currently work as a contractor for GE Power Systems doing web development work. My contract was originally for a time period of six months - needless to say I will have been working there a year come September 20th.

The problem is that GE has a 1 year limitation when it comes to contractors under their "employ". Therefore I will be out of a job come September 20th. A few months ago I was assured by my boss that this wouldn't be an issue - however as I get closer to the deadline - it has become more and more apparent that this is not the case.

Suffice it to say - I've started neogiating with another Contracting Agency as part of my boss' plan to keep me around. This new agency however claims that they require a larger per hour margin than the last and effectively wants to cut my salary by an estimated 25% (my estimate based upon our conversation).

My problem is that with the job market being the way it is - I would probably be better off taking it up the tailpipe instead of attempting to find another job (which so far has yielded VERY little success - the market is dead). However I suspect that my pride along with my sense of professional integrity will prevent me from doing this - whatever the consequences. I cannot try another agency because of the method that is being used to keep me around (boss waited till the last minute - took what he could get in terms of which contract to leech off of - you get the idea).

The real saddening part of this is that even with all the resumes I've sent out - I've seen VERY FEW real hits on my website from unknown addresses. This effectively means that most of my resumes are being redirected straight to somebody's "Deleted Items" folder. Being that the website address is located on the resume in a easy to click form - it obviously has NOT been read very much.

The absolute most sickening part of all of this has to be the fact that I discovered my position had been posted on monster.com the other day. At first this absolutely infuriated me until I discovered that they listed a completely different skillset than what will be required to maintain my existing projects. This effectively means that whoever takes my position over (almost a certainty at this point) will be screwed because they wont understand what they are looking at. It also means GE will be screwed.

Normally I would take extreme pleasure in pointing out such a gross error in something as important as this. But in this case - Im prepared to let it slide - what do you guys think? (I ask that as if anybody is really reading this site anyway - who am I kidding?)


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