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10/11/2001 23:45:28

Thats right guys! My favorite domain just opened up for registration and I snagged it right up! No more stupid @home IP address, no more weird port numbers, and no more slow upload speed caps imposed by my friends on at @home!

This will also help my resume to look a little better of course. Now that my site looks somewhat professional because I have a domain name instead of some half baked scheme using a crappy old computer, an unstable IP address, and an alternate port :-)

Either way - it should be alot easier to get to my site now (maybe people will actually start showing up! YEAH!). BTW, you can still contact me at darkgamorck@home.com but I would rather that you use jaylittle@jaylittle.com since my @home address will probably be disappearing in short order due to the fact that they are very close to shutting down their operations.


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