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The Mozilla MSN Mystery
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10/26/2001 06:17:02

Well well well... on the day that Microsoft releases XP it seems that they have also released the 'updated' version of MSN. It seems that this new version of MSN refuses to function correctly with non Microsoft browsers.

After playing with this problem for a bit - I finally figured out how to modify the user agent in mozilla so that it would look as Internet Explorer to MSN. You can see the comparison between MSN on Mozilla 9.5 and MSN on IE 6.0 in this screenshot.

I wonder how long this will last myself since the expected monoply allegations are already flying like nobody's business. It seems that Microsoft, knowing the current position they are in with the DOJ and the AntiTrust case would've made the effort to create a version of MSN for non Microsoft browsers. Either way this could prove to be a very interesting development.


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