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10/31/2001 02:36:31

So last night I made a decision regarding the future of Linux on my new computer. It wasnt an easy decision but it was one that had to be made considering the circumstances.

I'm done playing with Linux for the time being. None of the latest distributions seems to feature full support for my exotic i850 P4/RDRAM system configuration even though its getting to be about a year old now. (The Config - not the machine)

I spent two hours yesterday evening getting X to run on my dual monitor setup (1 GF3/V3) and needless to say I was VERY unsuccessful. Normally the constant in these X config cases especially where dual monitors are concerned is that if you can get it working on both cards seperately - it will work with both at the same time. Needless to say it appears the XFree86 v 4.1 doesnt care too much for my i850/Voodoo 3 combination.

Oh well I guess I'm on to bigger and better things like Windows XP for now. Oh and in case any you are wondering - running with just the Geforce 3 monitor isnt an option because once you go dual monitors - you NEVER go back :-)


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