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Digital Cable
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10/19/2001 01:26:45

So my roommate Lewis and I got our new Digital Cable service hooked up yesterday. For $100/month we get the cable modem service along with the expanded Digital Cable service. Its really a great deal. There are hundreds of channels and loads of stuff to watch. In fact if you are not careful you'll spend more time looking for stuff to watch than actually watching it.

There are lots of movie channels too. There are about 5 HBO channels, 5 Showtime Channels, and I think 5 Cinemax channnels. Theres about 45 music only channels and lots of On Demand Pay-Per-View stuff available.

Nice stuff - if you have a few extra bucks per month I would suggest that some of you try it out (assuming its available in your area). Its quite the experience.


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