The World of Jay Little
The content in this site typically has something to do with me, Jay Little. As you may have guessed, I own and run this site. On this site you can find out a lot of things about me by just poking your head about and seeing what pops up. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I assure you that I will make an attempt to address your concerns.

Presentation Engine 4.0
This page has been rendered using a web application of my own creation known as the Presentation Engine. It is an ASP.NET MVC4 application written in C# which targets the .NET Framework 4. Needless to say, since the website is in active development, feel free to email me with any issues that you may run into. This website should work on all major browsers (IE 8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). It has not been tested on Opera. This isn't because I'm lazy. It's because I really don't care about Opera. However I would venture a guess that the site will render just fine in the browser that time forgot. If you are viewing this page on Pocket IE, Lynx, Links or some other god-forsaken so-called browser, then you have my faux sympathies. If you are viewing this page using Internet Explorer 7 or 6 then you truly have my sympathy. Your computing experience must be unbearable.

This application was developed using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012.

As an aside: I use the Gimp to perform all of the image manipulation for this site. It is a free photo editor with an interface that is somewhat lacking. Once you jump that hurdle you soon find that for the low price you get a lot of power to play with. There is a native Windows version of the Gimp available for download in a Windows Installer package on the Gimp site. There are also various distributions for OSX and Linux available as well.
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