Jay Little
Advice To The Dumb Rich

11/19/2022 03:06:49

Money changes everything,
Except when you're rich,
Cause you be making,
Everybody your bitch.

Lie cheat and steal,
It's all the fucking same,
Fuck your bank balance,
Your ass got no game.

Send out fake feelers,
"Do ya love me or not?"
Never mind you pay 'em,
To fix messes you wrought.

Nobody can be honest,
Cause we be wage slaves,
Back turned we rant,
To your face we rave.

Cause truth when spoken,
Makes it hard to preserve,
Paycheck you hold hostage,
Though less than we deserve.

Enough is enough,
Can't fix this with wit,
Time has long passed,
To call out bullshit.

When that don't work,
It's time to leave,
Before you gaslight,
Like we'd barely believe.

You clueless and lying,
Hooked on legacy tech,
Without the silver spoon,
Your life would be a wreck.

If we all work for you,
Then ya got no friend,
In a coffin full of cash,
Ain't how to meet your end.

So take this verse,
As our final fucking word,
Not gonna help cause,
We'd rather eat a turd.

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