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The Time For Silence Is Over

01/07/2021 12:45:32

As some of you have noticed, I took a bit of a break from this website for the last few months. In addition to that, I temporarily removed some of the content I thought might be incendiary to certain segments of people. Let me respond to the obvious follow up question: "What segments of people?" Trumpers.

The truth of the matter is that I am a socially liberal person and I live in a deeply red state. This has historically not been much of a problem other than me having to tolerate being referred to as a godless liberal from time to time. But in this situation your skin tends to grow a bit thicker so things like that aren't that big of a deal. Well not until recently when Donald Trump's base decided to worship him like some sort of living God and as such, treated as if he were infallible, no matter the consequence.

I'm not sure when this change took place, but it scared and still scares the living fucking hell out of me. At some point when it became obvious that Donald Trump was going to lose the 2020 election some weeks prior, I decided that I would "batten down the hatches" so to speak and temporarily remove content on this website that would be incendiary to Trump's cult. I figured that after they lost, they would be looking for a pound of flesh to take out their frustrations on. I didn't want to be targeted.

I am sorry to say that after watching the riot at the Capitol building yesterday, it is now obvious that I could not have been more right. I can't say whether or not the other shoe has finished dropping but I have decided that I no longer care. The time to speak out is right now.

These people who descended upon the capital yesterday running roughshod through the buildings are in fact deplorable. Hillary Clinton got it right. If you still support their cause and if you still support Donald Trump, despite the fact that he is still stoking the flames by denying the election was lawful even while "promising" an orderly transition, you are also a deplorable.

I have been fond of telling people I know that Donald Trump is not my president. He has been and continues to be a national embarrassment. He has now incited a violent mob to overrun a joint session of Congress overseen by his own Vice President in an effort to delay and/or block the certification of his loss in the 2020 election. He basically attempted to orchestrate the assassination of the legislative branch of government and his own Vice President for daring to certify the lawful election of Joseph R. Biden.

If you are still on the side of Trump after the events of yesterday, you are no longer a person worthy of my consideration and respect. I have spent months wondering what country I would flee to in the event that the insanity of Donald Trump's cult overran this one. But after yesterday I've changed my mind on that. Trump and his cult are the ones that need to leave. They need to flee.

To those of you who supported him before the events of yesterday but aren't so sure now, let me make it clear. This is an invitation for you to reclaim your individuality from the cult of MAGA by rejoining organized society and disavowing Donald Trump. Join us in pushing for his immediate removal from office before he can do anymore damage and stoke anymore discord.

This is not how America is supposed to work. If this is how you think it should work then either leave or secede because the rest of us no longer have any use for you. This country is certainly something far short of perfect but if you think the events of yesterday are how we are going to a form a more perfect union, then its my solemn duty to inform you that you couldn't be more wrong.

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