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This Post Could Be Evidence of Treason

09/06/2020 23:50:29

Does the title of this post shock you? It should. The simple act of writing it actually shocked me. While I don't typically give final titles to my posts until after I've written them (largely because I typically only have a vague subject in mind when I start writing a post), in this particular case the title was the very first thing I wrote. Why? Because in the event that Donald Trump is re-elected, this post among others that I've recently made to this blog, can and will be used as evidence of treason on my part.

Am I committing treason? By today's standards, absolutely not. I'm simply expressing my opinion that Donald Trump is the greatest threat that American Democracy has ever faced and that not kicking him to the curb will almost certainly prove to be its killing blow. So why am I writing this? Because like all things I have written about here, I feel compelled to. There can be no other reason. The day I find another reason is the very same day that whatever pittance of following I have should reconsider doing so.

I promised I wouldn't talk about Trump again or mention his name. Alas that was not a promise that I could keep. Trump is tyrant and a megalomaniac and I believe its vitally important for me to go on record stating as much. This post will be not full of links and supporting information. Better and more educated writers than I have already spent years documenting his every little malfeasance. If you are truly interested in learning about it, you need only to open your eyes and gaze upon the horrors he hath wrought. Pro tip: Avoid the insane propaganda of Fox, OAN and Info Wars.

So why am I speaking of treason? Because in the event that Donald Trump is either legitimately re-elected or manages to cheat his way into a proclamation of victory, there will be a great reckoning. I can't speak to what it will look like or who will be impacted, but I figure that there is a very high chance that those of us who spoke out against him will be negatively impacted. So why don't I just delete all of my political posts or my entire website and try to ride this thing out? Because that's not how I am wired. Besides I'm still hoping that logic and decency will win out in the end. We have at least a fighting chance according to the current polls. But after 2016 only a fool would bet our future in this election on polling.

I remember watching the returns come in on that evening in 2016. My buddy Ed and I had gotten together to celebrate the end of Donald Trump's reign of idiocy over the political process and we drunk and chain smoked ourselves into a stupor as it became ever more clear that Trump was going to become president. Even back then I found him and everything he stood for to be utterly abhorrent. To put it simply, Trump represents the antithesis of everything we should seek out in a leader. He is capable of one thing and one thing only: Running whatever organization he is currently tasked with leading right into the motherfucking ground.

Sure enough, four years later, that's exactly what he has done. The economy is in tatters, we are still smarting from a failed trade war with China, and COVID-19 is running rampant. Rather than address any of these problems head on, Trump has decided to overwhelm us with his trademarked brand of insipid bullshit along with the white trash drama of his family's daily White House soap opera. Whether he is selling the country out to Vladimir Putin, sabotaging our ability to vote safely during a pandemic by undercutting the post office, selling our troops out by allowing Russia to place bounties on their heads, sacrificing American lives by ignoring a global pandemic or risking global thermonuclear war by tweeting stupid fucking insults like "Rocket Man" off to North Korea, one thing is clear: This was always how it was going to be under a Trump regime.

I am related to and I know a lot of people who are in denial about this. That's one of the benefits of being a socially liberal malcontent who lives in a red state. Up until Trump I have generally been okay with that. The difference in opinion has always served to strengthen me instead of weakening me. I wish more people in the country still believed that. Alas so many of us don't and it's not hard to see why once the body count begins to accumulate over so-called differences of opinion.

To those of you out there still pandering for this piece of shit, know this: History will judge you poorly. Regardless of who ultimately claims victory (regardless of how) in our election two months from now, history will scorn those of you who stood behind Trump in 2020 much like we scorn the Germans who catapulted Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich into power back in the 1930s. Brandish me with a Godwin's law violation if you must, I don't give a shit anymore. Somebody has got to have the balls to call a spade a spade.

I'm not religious, but if you are then I would ask one simple thing of you: Pray for us miserable fucking sinners in our time of need here in the so-called United States of America. Christ knows we need it. To my fellow citizens I beg you to wake up from this coma you have willingly placed yourselves into. Time is running out but there is still time to come out on the right side of this thing. It is never too late to do the right thing. The first step on that path is repudiating the insanity of Donald Trump by voting for Joe Biden. Why? Because unlike Trump, the most reprehensible human being of our times, Biden is a decent guy who will make a genuine attempt to improve things.

With all that having been said, I believe that this blog will be going dark for awhile. The next few months are going to be hard and possibly quite bloody. Keep your heads down my dear readers and with any luck perhaps we'll be able to reunite on the other side of this.

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