Jay Little - Software Obsessionist
End This Nightmare

07/30/2020 20:34:43

End This Nightmare

This motherfucker wants to delay the election,
Our rage cannot be modeled with mere inflection,
He is the true enemy of this once prosperous state,
The leader of stupidity, small mindedness and hate.

If he refuses to leave the mob will drag him out,
Blood of his traitorous storm troopers spread about,
With American fire and fury the world has never seen,
He will finally realize what freedom actually means.

The line has been drawn so pick your goddamn side,
And buckle up bitch cause its gonna be quite a ride,
Got at least five months of remedial Hitler left,
Him and his cronies gonna indulge in a bit of theft.

If Jack Dorsey had any balls he'd end his tweets,
Bill him for the insanity and keep the damn receipts,
Cause motherfucker is a louse who thinks he won't pay,
No matter what our shredded constitution has to say.

Hold him accountable and lock up all his enablers,
Fuck them and their childish and cancerous labelers,
Just call me a libtard if reality offends you so much,
That this fascist piece of shit is still your crutch.

Stand tall and fight for your right to cast a vote,
Then use it to toss him to the gators in the moat,
Justice may be blind but its got a vengeful streak,
When collectively wielded by the oppressed and meek.

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