Jay Little - Software Obsessionist
Coronavirus: Anti-Maskers Versus Not-Stupid

07/05/2020 15:55:55

Never doubt this one simple truth: History repeats. We as humans are doomed to repeat the same vicious cycle over and over again as long as we refuse to learn the lessons imparted by our own history.

When it comes to the subject of whether or not people should wear masks to slow the spread of this pandemic, the answer is clear. We should. Masks made a big difference in 1918, so much so that they were legally mandated, and they can make a big difference today. In recent history, there has never been a more clear and well defined line between stupid and not-stupid than this particular issue. Deny it all you want, but the data is clear: Masks can and will carry the day.

So Fucking Wear One And Stop Whining About It

1918 Spanish Flu Masks

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