Jay Little - Software Obsessionist

04/04/2020 00:08:16

The world outside is dark and gray
Even as the sun fuels spring awakening
A pandemic forced us indoors to consider
Every piece of humanity we have forsaken

The downtrodden poor and robber barons
All keep playing the worlds zero sum game
While the rest of us weep at the carnage
That no amount of reality seems to tame

Essential workers are our human shield
Because they are simply too poor to decry
The rich and powerful demanding they work
By endlessly repeating this terrible lie

The media are liars and doctors are fake
This is merely a hoax so you are all safe
We shall always protect the proletariat
Which is why you must keep your faith

The smartest ones know that this is a lie
But without money no slave will be freed
Gaze upon our abusive cannibal overlords
For we are starving mutts who must bleed

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