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Coronavirus: Dark Humor is My Anti-Depressant of Choice

03/25/2020 14:44:36

So as I'm sure all of my readers realize, these last few weeks have been deeply depressing for everybody. I miss the days where my biggest concern for the day was what video game I was going to play / stream after I finished work. Now out of both sheer horror and a sense of duty, I've virtually become addicted to keeping up on Coronavirus related developments.

What kinds of information streams am I hooked into? Lots of 'em. For starters I temporarily resurrected my presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Nextdoor just so I could keep up on local events better. Once the Coronavirus crisis passes, I'll leave those platforms once again. Well maybe not Twitter as I really like the handle I managed to snag there this time around. Of course I'm keeping an eye on Reddit and Hacker News as well. In addition to that, I usually have browser tabs open to The Drudge Report and HuffPost. Why HuffPost you ask? Because according to Mary Poppins, "A Little Side Boob helps the Medicine go Down", that's why.

I'm also keeping an eye on the economic side of things with CNBC and Zero Hedge as I've been a closet fan of Stock Market carnage since 2008. Beyond all that my absolute favorite tab to refresh over and over again is definitely the John Hopkins Coronavirus Case Map. Believe me when I tell you that it's no coincidence that it's also the scariest one of them all either.

Finally I watch a lot of press conferences. I've taken a break over the last couple days because honestly I needed a break from hearing our Idiot and Chief run his mouth about things he can't be bothered to take the time to comprehend. The South Carolina press conferences are much more useful and Henry McMaster, despite the fact that I'm no fan, seems to be doing a good job of trying to keep the situation under control and deal solely in actual facts. This is in stark contrast to Trump who has decided to make each press conference into a daily episode of the Trump shitshow that was previously reserved only for campaign rallies which only his most hardcore supporters attended.

Over the last few days Trump has apparently been saying that this will all blow over by Easter. This of course is a total load of bullshit. This is the same guy who said this thing was totally under control at the end of February. His administration fired the CDCs Pandemic team in 2018. He tried to blame the entire shitshow on Obama. We don't have enough tests to measure the impact in the UC because Trump blew it off when Intelligence Agencies tried to warn him back in January.

I don't care if you voted for Trump or if you worship the ground he walks on. If you think his response to this has been anything less than a complete failure of leadership, then you are deluded. The cost for his indecisive, selfish and reactionary approach to the situation will be measured profoundly in human lives lost. Let me bottom line this for you: Trump is an enemy of public health and his constant war against science, facts and truth in general will lead to far more people dying than might have otherwise. I believe that he absolutely needs to be removed from office immediately.

This situation is so desperate that when Mike Pence speaks it comforts me. Yes I know he's completely full of shit and was long ago driven mad by his insistence on adhering to the strict tenants of fundamental religious mysticism, but at least he speaks rationally and calmly during these press conferences. It turns out that his demeanor alone is actually helpful if you ignore the parts where he kisses Trump's ass gratuitously. If you know me at all, then you know that I don't particularly care for religion in any form. So it should be telling that in the midst of this crisis of this magnitude I prefer Pence over Trump.

Clearly I needed a break from the press conferences. Not sure when that break will be over as I'm playing it by ear. I've tried to find other ways to mitigate the emotional impact of constantly subjecting myself to this stream of shit. Beyond my standard knee jerk reflex of drinking booze to grease the wheels of life, I've tried to watch something comedic each day. Because without a competent government, no clear strategy, no vaccine, much less enough actual tests, laughter actually is the best form of medicine available to us. That and staying the hell away from everybody else of course.

Beyond that I've been playing a lot of video games and exploring my own dark sense of humor on Facebook in an effort to combat the resulting depression. Gaming isn't anything new for me and neither is making off color jokes. I decided when I got back on Facebook that I would stay far away from the so-called political conversations on that platform. The reason being is that nobody on Facebook wants to discuss anything rationally and it took all of five minutes going over the posts of friends and family to realize that absolutely nothing has changed in that respect since I left the platform years ago.

So instead I'm posting dark bits of humor that come to mind each day. I've got a few queued up in advance that I tweak, edit and streamline a bit before posting. That has actually been extremely cathartic for me. I think that's because its a way of sharing exactly how I feel but doing it in a way that could help other people laugh. I like the idea that I might be helping to provide a brief respite from the depression I'm sure they are feeling as well.

In any event, if I come up with any other coping tactics, I'll be sure to post them here. Until then, keep your chins up and remember that tomorrow is always on the horizon and at some point, tomorrow promises to be a better day than today.

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