Jay Little - Software Obsessionist
Coronavirus: Adapt or Die

03/21/2020 20:34:52

The global pandemic known as the Coronavirus is moving faster than anything you or I have ever seen over the course of our lives. It's devouring every social, government and economic system it touches. By extension it is touching all of us and forcing us to adapt. There are still some that doubt the veracity of this threat but I'm not speaking to them. Within a week or two they'll realize how wrong they were.

All that aside, every aspect of our daily lives is changing and will be in a constant state of flux for the foreseeable future. For me personally a vast array of elements which form the foundation of my own life are on the verge of flying right out the window.

My own jobs will likely dissipate within the next two weeks. Sure the kind of work I do can all be done remotely, but the revenue streams for my employers depend upon manufacturing / warehousing operations that will absolutely surely grind to a halt once the Governor of the great state of South Carolina wisely decides to enact a mandatory lock down. On top of which obtaining basic requirements for sustaining life has become a daily challenge. I scavenge for bread. I scavenge for meat. I go out because Annette cannot as the medicine she takes for her ulcerative colitis practically nukes her immune system.

I've talked to a lot of people who are concerned about the economy and how it could possibly recover after this is all over. I laugh whenever somebody says that to me. You know why? We made it up. The economy is literally a figment of our imagination. Sure its somewhat modeled on the movement of physical goods from place to place but past that it revolves around fiat currency, which to be frank, holds no value beyond that which we collectively assign to it. In a world where the acquisition of food, water and bread is in question, fiat currency will eventually become meaningless.

The larger point here being that survival is priority number one. I am making this statement fully realizing that most of my readers either don't understand what I actually mean by that or that they haven't actually figured out what the rules of this game are yet. So let me put this in perspective. You are talking to a guy who grew up playing computerized role playing games in which a post-apocalyptic nuclear society has adopted bottle caps as their primary form of currency.

While the story lines of those games may have been outlandish and a bit ridiculous, the reality is that those experiences force you to question most everything society takes for granted. Much like reading "Lord of the Flies" over my first high school summer forced me to start thinking in terms beyond the simplistic tropes of good and evil, playing those games forced me to consider a world beyond the confines of the one which we inherited.

So with that being said, here is my advice to you all: Survive. If you can and you do, then you'll get to help figure out what the rules of our next collective chapter are. While I don't think we'll end up with a world with Super Mutants and where we adopt Bottle Caps as a semi-official currency, I do think things are going to change in a major way. You can't expect an incident in which the majority of society is forced to confront the fact that we were at best a month away from living like rats in the wall, to result in anything less.

Nor should you. Peace be with you all... and good luck.

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