Jay Little - Software Obsessionist
A Penny For Some Haiku?

09/18/2019 23:10:04

This month I've got a lot of things on my mind, not least of which includes the Pinebook Pro I should be receiving in the next coming weeks. While I hope to spend quite a bit of time talking about that particular device in the upcoming months, I decided to just hit on some of the random things that have been running through my brain as of late using Haiku.

I am sanity.
Is it me you are seeking?
Orange murdered me.

Oh blue screen of death,
You were solid like a rock.
Please slay your mad son.

Scruffy beard so vast.
His code, hands and mouth were free.
So he is banished!

Games are a racket,
Designed to rob me of wealth.
Retro for the win.

Handcheck culture down,
Maybe harmful now illegal.
Marlboro man rides!

Smartphones are quite dumb.
Your data is found and mined.
Rubes on Facebook like.

Debates are raging,
Over issues quite current.
Bye Stuttering Joe.

Green screens should expire.
Even if you just don't care,
Lets dance on their grave.

Reddit was broken,
As of now it has returned.
Time to go no joke.

And as they say, "that is that". I hope you all enjoyed this lighthearted bit of humor and commentary on my part especially as I plan on subjecting you all to quite a bit of holier than thou preaching on the subject of energy efficient computing in the coming months.

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