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Next Gen PEngine is Coming

5/21/2017 8:03:12 PM

So it's been awhile since I put any real work into the code base behind this site, known to me as the "Presentation Engine". In any event, I've made a few posts over the last year regarding the future technical direction of this project and I've been oscillating between Go and .NET Core. For awhile it looked like Go was going to win the competition as Microsoft just couldn't seem to get its shit together on the Linux side of .NET Core. However, that seems to have recently changed.

Project Rider by JetBrains is coming along well, ignoring the debugger wrench MS through into their gears a few weeks back. They've already got a solution for that in place on Windows and are coming close to resolving the problem for Linux and OS X as well. Though the bit that finally put .NET Core over the finish line was the fact that I can finally run and debug C# code in VS.Code within Arch Linux. That's a huge win. Though VS.Code leaves a bit to be desired as a full fledged C# code editor, it does work well enough when used in conjunction with Omnisharps tools.

So I said all that to say, PEngine 5.0 is on the way. And it's being targeted at .NET Core. I will also be writing, testing and debugging it using Linux. Beyond compatibility testing with Windows, I will not be interacting with Windows at all for this project.

Oh and one more thing: The entire thing lives on github. So you can follow along (assuming anybody gives a shit, which to be honest they probably don't).


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