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Election 2008: Abstinent Again
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07/10/2008 04:50:00

Well frak.

It looks like the failure of Barack Obama has become complete. The idea of a change in Washington has obviously transitioned from a way of doing business to a catchy slogan. That slogan kind of reminds me of Google's "Do no evil" slogan. It's bullshit too but the idiots out there love to buy into it. So the bottom line is that since there is no way I'm voting for John McCain - I guess that about does it for me. That is of course unless one of the 3rd party candidates happens to catch my fancy. I'll have to do some research and see what I can dig up.

Amusingly enough, Hillary was on the other side of the aisle for this one. Figures. I guess that in regards to this really important issue, I called that one wrong, huh? Then again to be fair, as recent as February Obama himself was quoted as saying that he wouldn't vote for a bill that gives the Telecom companies immunity from civil suits over their rampant breaking of the 1978 Telecommunicatons Act which is an obvious extension to our basic 4th amendment rights. So how were we to know?

Oh wait that's right. All politicians are full of shit. Damn it. I need to get a tattoo with that rule so I don't forget it next time around. *Only I should be a bit smarter than nameless and not get it on my back so I have to rely upon a lying skull to read it off to me, right?

  • If you got that joke, you're welcome.
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