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Election Day 2008
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11/04/2008 18:25:00

So what's going to happen today? It's anybody's guess. So let me make mine: I predict a landslide electoral win by Obama today (+100 margin between him and McCain). I'll go ever further and make a wild guess for a 55%/45% popular vote split in Obama's favor as well. Another side prediction: There will be a number of voting issues around the country today, most caused by high voter turnout that the poorly designed/implemented electronic vote system will be unable to cope with.

I've struggled over this election for awhile. I was fully on the Obama train for awhile during the primaries. I then fell off it into non-voter territory after a few broken promises (FISA, Public Financing) derailed the train for me. I recently decided to go to the polls to vote against the incumbent Senator/Congressman on the ballot today (Grahama/Inglis) for their unparalleled support of the disastrous bailout. Note: DeMint you will receive my vote next time your name comes up barring any sort of additional annoyance on your end. After that I took a long hard look at things over the last few days, I decided that I was also going to vote for President today.

No I don't mean a third party candidate. Now there is a lineup of losers if I've ever seen one. Mrs. Cynthia McKinney (Green Party) is a "9/11 Truther". Rarely has society spit out a group of collectively dumber human beings. Bob Barr (Libertarian Party) is one of the responsible parties behind the whole Clinton impeachment nonsense back in the nineties. Chuck Baldwin's (Constitution Party) heavy religious right ties means that he is automatically ruled out in my book. I simply don't believe in electing religious officials to public office.

That leaves me with McCain and Obama. Frankly just as I'm voting against the senate/congress incumbents, I'm going to vote against the incumbent here as well. What? McCain isn't president you say. That's right he isn't. But it's time to make up for my pro-Bush vote in 2000 (which I have never stopped regretting) and do something with the frustration rather than just sit here and stew over it another four years. I didn't vote for President in 2004 and for good reason. Choosing between an idiot and a douchebag is not a pleasant exercise.


Let's face it: McCain has pretty much signed onto 95% of the policies Bush has pushed while in office. He is bringing nothing to the table beyond more of the same old crap that has plagued our system for years. Obama brings his own baggage into play as well. However when I honestly compare the two men, I'm left feeling that at the end of the day, Obama encompasses a level of intelligence that would allow him to eventually realize his faults in these areas and change his approach accordingly. Whereas McCain on the other hand is like the thick headed kid in class; he keeps ramming his head into the wall because he can't figure out how to open the door beside him.

So I will be voting for Obama today. Not because I want to vote for Obama so much, but because I feel compelled to vote against McCain. If anybody who knows me finds this particularly damning, you'll get over it. Hell, I think I've finally managed to get over the mistake I made in 2000. It's about damn time too.

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