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01/15/2008 17:45:11

So I stumbled upon this interesting foothold in the decades long saga known to many as the "Crumbling of Detroit":

Ford sics lawyers on Mustang Enthusiast Group

Is it any surprise that Ford is this close to going out of business? With tactics like these, you'd think their corporate ranks had been infiltrated with executives from their competition who would rather do them harm than good. How else can you explain such a horrible move? Oh nevermind, this is Detroit we are talking about.

Speaking of which, since the Democrats aren't generally campaigning in Michigan (due to the primary timing drama - the DNC essentially removed all their delegates while the RNC only cut them down to half), we aren't hearing a whole lot about Detroit from the media. I'm pretty biased towards the left myself after 7 years of Dubya, but even I'm getting a little tired of watching this disparate coverage take place. It seems clear that the Republican candidates are only in too much of a hurry to position themselves as the next Dubya in Ronald Reagan skin. But not covering this idiocy is only going to let America forget just how bad GWB and his brand of politics is. And America has a short memory kids.

Anyway apparently most of the Republicans have been telling the people of Detroit that they will bring the jobs back. One has to assume most of these jobs are with or related to the American Car Industry, so anybody with half a brain knows that is crap. Nonetheless, reality doesn't stop politicians from saying whatever it takes to get elected. In all fairness though, John McCain made an attempt to be honest here and actually told people, "Not all these jobs will come back ever". That's at least something. No amount of government spending, stimulus packages or regulation is going to change the fact that the American Car Industry has been courting disaster for quite awhile.

And that's another thing. Why do people still believe that the Republicans are still focused on a smaller more efficient government? There has been absolutely zero evidence that this value is still retained by that party at all in the current election process. With the possible exception of Ron Paul (whom I kind of like but is quite obviously insane on other important fronts), all of these candidates pay lip service to cutting government spending all the while lowering taxes while their proposed policies tell an entirely different story.

Oh well. Either I'm crazy or everybody else is. Of course if I'm crazy then I'm just eccentric whereas if I'm the only normal one.... then I'm pretty much screwed.

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