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A Hurricane in Florida? Bah!
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07/13/2005 04:25:57

So there has been another hurricane in Florida. And I'm sure that the flood of donation requests for canned foods, money and whatever else people can spare will begin any day now. The question is why? Why do we continue to feel sorry for people that choose to live in an area that historically is ripped to shreds by some natural disaster at least once every two years ?

The people in Florida should know better by now. How many hurricanes have to knock down your house before you decide to leave? Even the three little pigs had the sense to leave after each of their houses were blown down. So instead of spending your sympathy on people who clearly can't be bothered to deal with the problem at hand, I suggest you spend more time feeling sorry for people who are the viticms of real tragedies .

Note: This rant doesn't specifically apply to Alabama. As George Carlin once said in relation to drug rehab, "You get 15 chances to clean up". They haven't had their 15 chances yet.

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