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All battles must come to an end

04/02/2005 18:47:38

This battle with APK has taken it's toll I am afraid. While my ISP continues to admirably ignore APKs complaints, my Hosting Provider was not so strong in their defense of my site. In fact they caved in so fast that it absolutely boggled the mind. Initially they asked me to remove all APK related content and stop emailing him or have my site removed from their servers. Needless to say I don't take to censorship very well and proceeded to setup my website on my personal server for hosting purposes and acquire two email accounts (one for myself and my wife) that I could still use.

Eventually after some reasoning I managed to widdle my hosting provider down to only having me remove the "Rays of Sunshine on my head, The day that APK is dead" poem - but even that was too much for my taste. I mean if APK had provided the appropriate evidence (ie copies of my emails to him with full headers attached) it would've been overly clear that I was not in fact using my hosting provider's SMTP server to send my emails to APK thereby nullifying whatever jurisdiction they had over the email I choose to compose.

My Hosting Provider acted rashly in this situation. Had they examined the situation more closely they probably would've seen APKs garbage for exactly what it was: rantings of an insane lunatic. But given the fact that DWS seems to be a fairly small outfit perhaps they just figured that it really wasn't worth their time to fully deal with it (as I only bring in $40 a month) and pulling the plug on my site just made things easier on them. Either way - the site hasn't experienced any downtime as a result of the transition. Within hours of receiving the initial email - I had downloaded all of my content and modified my DNS records to point to my personal server. That probably has got APK more than annoyed as there have been no real visible results of his treachery for all to see.

Either way - I've called it quits in my conflict with APK. It sucked up too much time to be considered a "recreational" pursuit and it truly had become quite pointless. Arguing with a guy that pretty much just cuts and pastes the same garbage over and over again regardless of what new points you brought to the table - isn't a productive pursuit. Initially I thought that if this conflict ended amicably that I would take down the APK content (or at least disable its viewing) after a short period of time. Given that this has in fact ended badly (ie APK still claiming victory despite the fact he's been torn to bit numerous times over) I have no intention of removing the content on this site.

Now back to my latest drug of choice, Tribes Vengeance. What a wonderful way to make up for the asstacular mess that Tribes 2 was ;)

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