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As if anybody cares, here are my election predictions for 2004
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09/07/2004 20:51:14

Hmmmm... this won't take too long. My election prediction for 2004 is actually quite simple: A loser will win. As most people are completely unable to exist outside of the "multiple choice" paradigm practically mandated by today's election process, it is likely that either John Kerry or George Bush will win the presidential election in 2004. Given that in my esteemed opinion I find both candidates lacking in a number of ways - I think it is clear that no matter what, a loser will win the 2004 presidential race. Okay so lets get the obvious stuff out of the way. My answer is "no" to the following inane questions that will likely make up the mind of most voters in this country:

  1. Is this about September 11th?
  2. Is this about Farhenheit 9/11? (I saw it and was not impressed)
  3. Is this about Iraq?
  4. Is this about Vietnam? (Didn't this happen 30 years ago?)
  5. Is this about the ever increasing deficit? ( Nothing new to see here... )
  6. Is this about some stupid Ad? (I hate political ads)
  7. Does this choice have anything to do with my psychic advisor? (Ms. Cleo closed up shop )

Great now that the garbage has been taken out of context, here are a list of the questions I would answer "yes" to:

  1. Is John Kerry a flip-flopper? (i.e. too much to list here)
  2. Is George Bush a hypocrite? (i.e. Gay Marriage & the attemped Prohibition of Porn )
  3. Do we know where John Kerry stands on any issue (right this second)? Really?
  4. If it wasn't for the last four years, would we know where Mr. Bush stands on any issue?
  5. Will the shitstorm in Iraq be handled the same way by either candidate?
  6. Is Zell Miller in need of a prescription for Prozac?

Okay then. Now if case any of you are wondering, I have every intention of writing in the name, John McCain on my ballot come November. However it seems quite clear to me that it won't make a difference. Given the nature of the electoral system, the vote won't mean anything especially here in SC where a majority of the votes will likely go to Bush. Not to mention the fact that the upcoming "electronic voting machine" shitstorm (brought to you exclusively by Diebold Inc) will likely become a far larger issue than the walking mummies that punched their ballots incorrectly in Florida during the 2000 election. A few people have learned their lesson so why haven't the rest of us?

Don't even start me on the fact that this entire election campaign (from both major parties) hasn't even attempted to touch upon the actual issues. There has been so much venom and spin from both sides that they have yet to actually put forward a viable opinion on anything at all. Now we have the advantage of pretty much understanding Bush's positions as he has been acting upon them for the last four years however with Kerry things are not so clear. The record of his votes and stances appears to be quite contradictory (note: I apologize for the biased link though it contains a lot of good information).

The bottom line? They need to start breeding better politicians and fast. Bush couldn't quite inspire the country last time and I doubt he will be able to do so this time either. However given Kerry's empty words and flip-flops I find it hard to believe that many people supporting him are throwing him their vote for any reason other than, "He is not Bush." That is simply not good enough, people. It is time to raise the bar here and choosing one idiot over another simply isn't going to accomplish that.

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