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07/28/2004 05:05:28

Wow. It's been a while since I posted anything here hasn't it? Not to mention the fact that the Presentation Engine has seen very little development time since I began my new job. How is it going you ask? Very nicely. Not only am I doing well writing VB.NET/C# ASP.NET code - I've also managed to pick up a few new tricks along the way. Hopefully one of these days I'll manage to find the time to incorporate some of those tricks here.

All in all life is going pretty good. There is the continuing fear though that all the hard work I'm putting in will still result in my contract ending in another month a half but I'm clinging to the hope that this opportunity will materialize into a fulltime position. Once I get a fulltime position perhaps I can get some vacation time so that the wife and I can finally go on some sort of honeymoon. Once can only hope.... or do their best to make a lasting impression on those that have your fate in their hands. I'm still enthusiastically moving along with the second plan of action.

P.S. Apparently Beta 2 of my code has been functioning rather well considering I haven't had any major problems with it since release. Perhaps if I continue to lack the time I will simply promote Beta 2 to the final version.

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