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Today is a good day to.... wait... I got a JOB!
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06/19/2004 00:16:00

Friends life is finally starting to look good once again. After a month and a half of unemployment I have hit the big one. I have been offered a VB.NET, ASP.NET and C# development position with a firm located here in Greenville called JobScope . As some of you can imagine - this is wonderful relief to both myself and my wife as the budget around here was beginning to get very tight.

Annette and I will be out celebrating this evening. I think we owe ourselves at least one very nice meal now that we are married. Perhaps if things continue to go well, one of these days we will actually have the money to go on honeymoon together. Alas finding the time was never issue considering the fact that both of us have been unemployed for awhile now. One last thing: I'm not the type of person to typically say such things but in this case I can't help but to thank god things are beginning to turn around for the better!

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