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02/11/2004 01:00:15

No more GE. Yeah the corporate suits finally managed to nail me. It seems that domestic people (i.e. people living in the US) have suddenly become unfit to fill IT related positions. Having already sent out a large number of resumes in preparation for this - I can safely say that the job market for IT people here in the good ole US of A is absolute shit.

I now have two options:

  1. Move. This isn't quite as nice as I thought previously as competition for IT jobs in larger markets like Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, and Charleston appears to be quite high. The response rate on my resume mailings has been close to nothing.

  2. Suck it up and swab some floors. This is what I likely start doing in the meantime.

Since I'm now engaged (opps - forgot to mention that one on the site - didn't I?) I need to get ready to provide as it's not just me who is going to suffer through the doldrums of unemployment... my future wife-to-be will suffer as well. And part of my job is to make sure such things don't happen! Anyway not that it matters but I'm 100% officially absolutely available right freaking now :-)

Just in case anybody was wondering.


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