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Adaptation: What a weird movie
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09/23/2003 16:25:29

Last night I watched the movie "Adaptation" for the very first time. While I had heard that it was a bit odd - I was bit unprepared for the amount of oddness that it actually brings to the table. To put in bluntly: It was an enjoyable movie that served as a breath of fresh air from the crap that has been shoveled around in the theaters lately.

Essentially "Adaptation" is a story of a Hollywood screenwriter trying to create a script for the book "The Orchid Thief". However he soon realizes that making a movie about flowers simply isn't going to happen due to a clear lack of direction from both himself and the original novel. So what does he do? He injects himself and his "imaginary" twin brother into the script to liven things up a bit. This makes for a very interesting mix of fact and fiction.

So essentially "Adaptation" is a movie about the writing of "Adaptation". The would-be screenwriter is supposed to be the same gentleman who wrote "Being John Malcovich" (which I haven't seen). In the end I'm not sure how much of "Adaptation" is actually fiction and how much is fact. There are some parts in which there is a clear intent of exageration however in others everything is a bit murkier. For instance the book "The Orchid Thief" appears to be quite real. Whether or not the surrounding details of Susan Orleans relationship with John Laroche or the Kaufman brother's over dramatized encounter with the two is real I have no idea (though I doubt it).

Anyway if you want something interesting to do then go out and rent this movie. It certainly will keep you watching for the full two hours on the basis of its originality alone.


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