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2+2=5 says the CIA
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07/18/2003 20:48:37

Holy smokes Batman! This just in! I've just heard from the CIA that adding 2 and 2 together will officially result in an answer of 5. Due to the momentual effects this change will have on society at large I've decided to close the site until further notice.

Common Sense: Whoa... Whoa... aren't these the same people who approved President Bush's State of the Union speech?

Me: Uh yeah, so?

Common Sense: Remember that bit about Saddam and his gang of thugs trying to buy Uranium?

Me: Yeah thats why we messed him up. He was building nukes.

Common Sense: Ummmm no. That apparently wasn't true. The CIA said it was though.

Me: So this means that adding 2 and 2 together will still result in 4?

Common Sense: Duh.

This whole thing is quite the mess isn't it? Bush says because Saddam has "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (as if we don't) that we should take him out. So we do. Then it turns out that months afterwards that nobody has actually found the "smoking gun" and the surrounding evidence originally cited is being rebuttled. Things are looking a bit grim for the good ole Bush Administration right now.

Still ignoring the public dishonesty aspect of all this, I'm at a loss when it comes to understanding what the big deal about all this is. Saddam gassed his own people for crying out loud. The guy wasn't exactly what I would call a benevolent dictator by any means. In fact I think it's pretty safe to say that he was an all around asshole who deserved nothing less than the ass kicking we delivered.

Though despite this the good old Democrats are all over this like white on rice. These are of course the same people who thought that it was okay for Clinton to lie while under oath apparently. It seems funny that regardless of the possible long term consequences of this war (whether good or bad that remains to be seen) the politicians in Washington are more interested in playing politics rather than addressing what some would call the real issues at hand.

But then again some politicians are just plain stupid while some others are pieces of trash that somehow manage to continue getting elected despite the public's past aversion to scandals that carry a lot of weight. Perhaps it's America's fault that this system of idiocy continues to run rampant. After all who is punching the ballot for these people? Can anybody say Weekend at Bernie's ? After all we've got 86 year olds that cannot tell the difference between the gas and the brake and you expect somebody of the equivalent diminished intellectual capacity to make informed and well thought out decisions in OUR best interests?

But hey this isn't a rant on the elderly. Not at all. This rant is about how we all seem to be so caught up in pointing the finger towards everybody else that we forgot to consider whether or not we ourselves were to blame for the continuing trials our society has to face. In my ever so humble opinion, the truth of the matter isn't here nor is it here apparently. The only truth that I can extrapolate from all of this, is that all of the members of society need to begin taking responsibility for their own actions. Forgiveness for our transgressions may not be so easy to obtain but certainly on some level it is within our reach. But as long as we continue fighting amongst ourselves over worthless piles of sand and stone, the hope that any of this will ever take place continues to diminish.

The moral of the story is that 2 plus 2 still equals 4 even without the increasing public awareness regarding this fact.
Our perception may seem to change reality but in actuality reality cannot changed by perception no matter how hard we try.


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