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W-O-W: The Matrix Reloaded
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05/19/2003 17:40:45

What more is there to say? I managed to snag some tickets for myself and Annette to the 10 pm Wednesday showing of "The Matrix: Reloaded" and both of us were quite impressed. While its definitely a movie I feel that I should see a few more times before passing judgement, it receives four stars in my book. That having been said, if you haven't seen the original Matrix movie I suggest you do so before attempting to watch this one. While the movie does stand on its own, there are some things that will be far easier to understand if you've actually seen and remember a few details from the first movie.

One thing that can be said for sure though: It's good that the next movie "The Matrix: Revolutions" will be coming out in the November as the cliff hanging ending of "Reloaded" will only leave you salivating for more. Not to mention the fact that if you managed to maintain enough patience to stay through the credits of "Reloaded" you will be treated to a 30 second preview of "Revolutions".

A word to the wise: Be careful what you read in the way of reviews regarding this movie on the internet however. There are a lot of people (translation: whiny moronic idiots with no brain) who were large fans of the first movie who have decided that because the Matrix is now popular that its no longer cool and elite to enjoy it as a movie anymore. A lot of people are complaining that there wasn't enough action (though the entire last hour of the movie consists of a rather large elongated action sequence spread out through several scenes...) or that the movie is one dimensional and didn't leave much food for thought (I wonder if they actually saw the same movie I did). Whatever they want you to believe - I urge you to see for yourself before deciding what the deal is.

Note: All Matrix bashing emails may be directed to my personal email address for your amusement. Do not be surprised if the response I send you consists of only two words. I'll leave you to guess which two words I am reffering to.


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