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The worst movie ever made: Mulholland Dr
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05/19/2003 17:27:48

Typically I'm the kind of guy who goes for the odd and generally misunderstood movies. Normally I can see my way to ignoring a lot of bad things about a movie because the overall point that the movie makes is worth the trouble. Usually I'm real open minded (believe that if you will) when it comes to viewing supposed fine pieces of cinema. While all of this may be normal for me, there are still a few movies out there I just am unable to stomach no matter how hard I try...

Mulholland Dr is one of these movies. It is easily one of the absolute worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of force feeding to myself on a Sunday afternoon. For starters the movie makes absolutely zero sense because once you get about 2/3rds into it since everything changes dramatically. From what I understand after performing some internet research here at Salon this is quite understandable once certain portions of what has happened are made clear. The problem is that the movie doesn't make these things clear. The story itself is quite cliche' in every way imaginable and only thing the movie actually offers is a form of symbolisitc scatter-brained storytelling designed to obfusicate that fact. This movie has absolutely nothing to offer beyond a superficial form of mystery the answer to which is tasteless and bland. There is no satisfaction to be gained from watching this movie. If you value your sanity and the two and half hours of time it takes to view this unadulterated piece of trash - I urge you to pass it up for something else.


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