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Required Reading: The Unix Haters Handbook
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05/07/2003 23:45:20

It's a well known fact to those of us smart enough to accept it that virtually every piece of software available for use today stinks. Slowly but surely things are getting better (emphasis on the word s-l-o-w-l-y) though its pretty obvious to me based upon the insane number of stupid freaking "computer" questions I get asked on a daily basis that we still have a long damn way to go.

That having been said - I'm ordering you peons to read a classic piece of literature originally published in 1994 and written with the sole purpose of humorously bringing to light a lot of the stupid of crap that used to (some of which still does) pass for usable software in Unix-like operating systems. Hell nowadays its even available for free and can be downloaded from any number of sites in PDF format including my own here . If you don't feel like reading it thats just fine. Just don't bother coming back to my site either if all you are going to do is stare at the CRT and drool over my unbelievably beautiful layouts and graphics.

Seriously: Download it. It's funny. It thats not a good enough for you then you are here for the wrong reason.


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