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05/06/2003 02:25:48

Well if you have no clue what I'm about to tell you and you've actually been to this site before - do us all a favor and leave. Otherwise you've noticed that I've made some MAJOR updates to the site today. Included amongst these updates is a new 100% custom made theme, a new logo, lots of PEngine bugfixes and new PEngine features including the "1m L33T" option (you know you want to - so press the damn button already!?!?!)

The other change that will become more apparent as time goes on - is the about-face change of attitude this site will undertake. Initially this site was constructed and supported as a dynamic advertisement of my l33t programming and hax0r skillz for potential employers. Given the current economy and my continuing against-all-odds assignment with my current employer, I've decided to reinvent this site as a delivery mechanism for the rantings of my fractured mind.

What does this mean to you? It means if you have children then go ahead and block this site from their prying eyes now. Children don't belong here anymore. This site will destroy their minds. Seriously - the maturity level (errr... immaturity) of this site is due to increase by an order of magnitude. If you don't like that kind the kind of sick anti-social humor that I specialize in too damn bad. This is your first, last and final warning. If you are still willing - check out the new About section for sample of whats to come.


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