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05/09/2003 16:35:28

It should be pretty freaking surprising that despite my adorable bad attitude - some people don't like me. In fact some people don't like me so much that they will say and do anything just so that they can get in the last word with me. Just yesterday somebody I was debating Cross-Platform Operating System topics with just totally lost it and went bezerk online. Check out the insanity here .

Yep he's insane. If you want to read the entire thread for a good laugh then keep in mind that I post under than nickname of "darkgamorck" and my now arch enemy mongoloid posts under the name of "madan". Minutes later the thread was locked (though not before I got in the last word) by the almighty moderator.

Whats the point of this post? Well beyond the fact that you should be pointing and laughing at this loser - keep in mind that all of the crap you post online be it on some message board, a crappy website (like this one), or even at some large news site - isn't really anonymous and can be tracked down. How you would feel if ten years from now your kids are cruising the web and ask, "Daddy why in the hell did you make a complete ass of yourself on that forum by attempting to argue with the almighty Jay?" Of course it's assumed that my quest for world domination will be complete by then - more on that later. It's not as if I would be egotistical enough to expect people to refer to me as the "Almighty Jay" without having accomplished that.


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